Students from Ballarat gain real field experience as they debate with each other about how quickly the rock layers at this site formed. Key to evolution is the concept that sedimentary layers represent vast ages and so you can dismiss the six days of creation out of hand. After prolonged debate, the students are informed that the layers here did not exist until the gold rushes, and represent only 50 years of outflow from one mine. The strata were not formed by time, but by a process, and the more efficient the process, the less time was taken. The same is true with natural layers. Ignore Noah's flood and you try to explain everything with long slow anti Biblical time scale ...not because of the evidence but because of prejudice. Pray with us as we push back the 'layers of mythical time' used by high schools and universities and museums to stop people trusting God's Word.

Students found some great and seemingly now extinct Graptolite fossils during the day. Graptolites seem to have been some kind of floating corals and were first described as 'pencil' ( in graphite) and 'tol' (a connector) and 'ite' (thing).
The good news is they are no use to the evolutionists as extinction is the opposite of evolution, and they are remarkable evidence that we once had more life forms than we do now. Perhaps they still exist in the deep oceans of the world? Support our work with students as we encourage them to check out the evidence because the God of the Bible does not expect them to believe something in order to pretend its true. He expects them to believe He is Creator because it is true.

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