CLAMMED UP CANADA, but that's how we want to find them. Yvonne Vanstemp (right) was one excited lady when she found the first ever closed clam at our Craigleith site mixed with Trilobite remains, horizontal and vertical Lingula shells (below Yvonne) and Crinoid stems. In case you missed the significance: a closed clam indicates it was buried alive. To find it horizontal means it wasn't in living position. Horizontal Lingulas show the same. Crinoids mixed with Lingulas tells you deep and shallow sea creatures are all mixed together. This is a definite catastrophic flood dump deposit. Yvonne had every right to be excited and so were we.
None of this evidence helps the evolutionary picture. Clams are still here, Lingula are still here and Crinoids are still here. Trilobites are extinct. Even if you believed those rocks were nearly 400 million years old, at best you could prove Lingula etc, have produced their own kind. Your support is vital to our continuing research world wide.

(right) not only had a great field trip, she also found the best trilobite (insert). It was 3 dimensional, which meant it had been buried alive, and the rocks it was in had been deposited quickly. Trilobites are wonderful evidence life never began as simple organism
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