The Cuttle Fish fossil above is great . We all know it as a sea creature,  so finding the deep sea nautilus type Ammonite is not surprising, but finding it buried with a pine branch tells us this area  is a flood deposit.   
The beauty even of the branch found with the small cones is unbelievable telling us it didn’t lie around waiting to be buried …it was entombed rapidly and preserved for us to see thousands of years later.

Did you spot the evidence the ammonite with the hammer seems to have  been buried alive? Ammonites had a octopus type creature inside the shell and we were amazed to open it up, and find what appear to be its tentacle suckers still inside. If this proves to be true then they were withdrawn as the frightened animal was being buried and never again extended due to the mud becoming so thick and hard rapidly couldn’t even move.  See if you can spot the sucker like structures  in the montage above

All these specimens have come from our visit over the last few days to the Jura region of Southern Germany (October 4 and on)  and these fossils from the original Jurassic rocks, are destined for our Jurassic Ark display in Australia joining Jurassic fossils from USA, China, UK etc,  making it a truly international monument to God’s Glory as Creator and Judge. We need help to continue this research.

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