FIELD TRIP NEW ZEALAND - We looked out the airplane window and hoped the white stuff on the mountains of NZ was salt. The folks at Timaru (South Island) had asked for a fossil finding trip. Bad news …the white stuff wasn't salt …and a cold day loomed for all our walkers …and the digging helped keep the 120 of us warm as we learned how much God's world has degenerated since Adam went naked in the garden of Eden. And no …Adam would not have found any fossils in the rocks of Eden either. Meet the Creation Research NZ team.
A good dig later and look what was appearing …sea shell fossils and many were showing evidence or rapid death and burial …they were fossil clams …and closed. Normally clams die and open up like the one we found on the beach near Auckland. But if they are buried rapidly, they stay shut. No vast time scale in this fossil bed and no evidence of evolution either. Even the school students recognised the seashells for what they were….evidence that God told the truth when He ordered the creatures to produce after their kind.


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