Joseph Hubbard Bio 2018

For many years we have been praying and looking for young men to add to our team and to eventually replace John Mackay in this ministry in each of the countries we work in. Now the Lord Jesus is seeing fit to add a 'bunch' of young men around the planet. Joseph is one so we asked him to share why he feels called of God to become part of our team. As you can see he already has made a great start in evangelising students ..he has a great collection of fossil evidence showing God has truly made creatures such as crocodiles to & reproduce after their kind! Now read, rejoice and pray for him and for his family as he and they seek to win people for Jesus rather than just win arguments about fossils.

JOSEPH WRITES: I am currently working towards a degree in Natural Sciences. My family and I first heard of Creation Research about 8 years ago and I was inspired to realise there are people out there doing real research into Biblical Creation and the evidence for a Global Flood. It was such an encouragement to find answers to the & evidence & provided by secular media. I have begun (albeit on a minor scale) in the UK, to research particular areas and explain them from a Biblical timeframe. We have also taken many geologic field trips around the country and have amassed quite a large collection of fossils, which we have now made into a small museum we have opened to the public, so people may see for themselves that the Bible's record of history can be trusted.

I love the amazingly quick responses from CR to new claims of evidence for evolution, and attacks on the Bible. These are extremely impressive and it was amazing to see John Mackay at the UK Mega Conference, refuting evidence for evolution in his evening presentation, which had only been published that morning! My passion has long been to be able to provide such answers to issues promoted by secular media.

The way Creation Research is so & Hands on & in the way they communicate with the public, through field trips, and hands on events and the way they present the Creation message in the media, by always being out there in the field is eye catching. I am a strong believer in this form of public engagement, and use it myself, as I have found it to be very effective. I would love to get involved with CR, as I think that it deals with one of the most important issues of the twenty first century: the scientific, social, moral and religious attacks on Christianity that arise from evolution. Apart from being very bad science, the Theory of Evolution completely undermines the Bible, and causes a stumbling block for many people. I would be honoured if I can be part of this essential ministry, especially since they give the Gospel in all of their presentations and I am committed to always giving the good news of Jesus whenever I give a presentation, as this is Who the Creation message is all about!!

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Field Trip to the east coast of the UK to a location called Hunstanton (above left) was lead by our newest member Joseph pictured in the camos (above right)

Above Joseph teaches at a creation Research Home school day and does a great job.



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