For freely available AUDIO MP3's, TO THE POINT, FAITH FACTS AND FIGURES Part 1 & 2 presented by John Mackay Australian and International Director of Creation Research click Here.

Controversial creationist in debate (with audio) Lancashire Evening Post, UK

One of the world's foremost religious theorists has revealed to an audience in Lancashire how he formed his controversial views on creation.
Creationist John Mackay told an audience at the
Leyland Pentecostal Fellowship it was reading a book written by an atheist which converted him.


The Politics Show (South) BBC One, UK
(Was a feature on the programme to be broadcast at 12.00pm on BBC 1, but video is no longer available on the BBC web site. )

[Ed. Com. The facts in this one are certainly wrong!] The Creation Science Movement got going in this country in 1932, and they recently hosted a speaking tour by the Australian creationist John Mackay - with two dates in Bournemouth, two on the Isle of Wight, and one in Oxfordshire.



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