Our thanks to the following people who have been of great assistance in the establishment of Creation Research.

Rev Frank White Snr. & Mrs Isabella White
The reverend Frank and his wife Isabella were instrumental in challenging and encouraging John and Anne Mackay to follow God's leading in establishing creation ministry and trusting in faith, that the God of the bible would provide all our needs. Mrs Isabella White's direct challenge to John Mackay after the annual Presbyterian camp in Queensland was, "Haven't you read the life story of Hudson Taylor. ... if God has called you to do this minstry you better do it."
Both the reverend Frank and Isabella have been misionaries in China working under the old China inland mision. Their advice was based on years of experience in trusting God. Both of these saints are now with the Lord, but their advice in trusting him has proved 100% reliable in running Creation Research.
Bryn & Beryl Barrett
Bryn was a Welshman who moved to Australia and pastored a church in Toowoomba. John Mackay has been a regular speaker at Bryn's church proir to Bryn moving to Manchester UK. Bryn became the first ministry co-ordinator for Creation Research in the UK and was responsible for distributing our videos to Eastern Europe which would open doors following the collapse of communism.
Martin Barrow UK.,
Martin and his wife live in Manchester UK - In 2003 they adopted three childern all of the same age, and have suddendly found themselves fully occupied in a ministry in the next generation. Martin was fundermental in organising our first web site material.
John Jones John Jones was our first UK video department. He generously donated much of his time and labour to the production and distribution of Creation Research videos. He was previously a Lecturer in Medicine, who since retirement donated eight years of his time to Creation Research
Ralph Cossitt Canada
Ralph and Carol Cossitt Canada - Ralph was afflicted with diabeties at an early age and was already blind when he attended his first Creation Research meeting. It was love at first sight and for many years Ralph and Carol ran Creation Research work in Canada. Ralph passed on through diabeties complications January 30th. A.D. 2002. He is now much better off with the Lord, but sorely missed on earth. Ralph is shown with a clock he made shortly before his death.
Craig Houghton Canada
Craig volunteered to step into the breach after Ralp Cossitt died . Craig is a policemen and has a large home schooling family. We are grateful to him and his wife for holding things together until Jack Hannah and his team became available.
Arthur Tuck Australia
Arthur Tuck and his wife Evylyn were supporters of Creation Research from the very beginning. Arthur's generousity to the ministry and his committment to truth of God's word made him a keen friend through thick and thin. Arthur went to be with the Lord in A.D. 2003.
Dr Allen Hall
DR ALLEN HALL (1919-2004) was the first Academic John Mackay asked to join the Advisory Board of Creation Science in Australia. At the time, Allen was in charge of the State Government Language program for Aboriginal education and was a University Lecturer in Linguistics. His role in Creation Research productions such as 'The Origin of the Races' Video/DVD, and a yet to be published Bible Commentary was vital. Allen received The Order of Australia medal from the National Government for his services to Aboriginal Language Education. Always faithful in Christian Missionary work, Allen had translated the Bible into several languages and was our consultant on questions of Biblical Hebrew or Greek. He became a dear friend who was faithful through good times and bad and was the consistent leader of our Prayer Executive since 1987, as he and his wife Jo opened up their house to Creation Research.
Allen passed into God's presence Saturday 24th July, AD 2004 after battling congestive heart failure for several months. He was 85 years old. Now he's enjoying a new home in the Lord's mansion. Pray for his wife Jo, his 6 children and many grandchildren in their time of loss. The Lord Jesus blessed us through Allen. We shall see him again in glory.
Gwen Taylor
After 27 years as Ministry in the office keeping track of the accounts and financial records, Gwen retired June 30th, 2007 to care for aging parents in-law. Pray for her work in the new ministry and praise the Lord for her tremendous work for Creation Research.
David Stewart
David's consistent and faithful support over the years is the reason we have named the Hungarian Creation Research Scholarship in his honour. Appropriately this scholarship which rewards students for their research on the evidence for Biblical creation  commenced in 2009 the year of Charles Darwin's anniversary. Dr David Stewart was a surgeon and a keen supporter of Creation Research in the USA who was mightily blessed by the field research of our Tennessee team and went to be with the Lord  during 2008.
PROF JOHN RENDLE SHORT A.M., M.A., M.B., B.Chir., M.D. (Cantab.), F.R.C.P., F.R.A.C.P....
WITH SADNESS we note the passing of Professor John Rendle-Short, who was the 2nd University of Queensland academic John Mackay asked to join the Creation Science Advisory Board in the early days. Professor Rendle-Short became firmly convinced that Genesis could be historically trusted after attending a series of meetings run by John Mackay and Ken Ham. Professor John Rendle-Short died peacefully in Toowoomba Qld on Thursday 21st January 2010. Prof was the much loved husband of Angel (deceased), and father of Hephzibah, Francesca, Hume, Johanna, Alexandra and Charlotte. May God continue to use Professor Rendle-Short's testimony even though he has now passed on to glory with Christ.
Dr T(yndale) John Rendle Short was Foundation Professor and Head of the Department of Child
Health in the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, a post he held for 24 years.  In 1981 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services in medicine and infantile autism....
Romulus Campan was our Eastern European rep for many years from the mid 1990's until middle 2010. Romulus acted as our translator for Creation Research ministry visits to Hungary and Romania and as the host for our regular television show produced by Alpha-Omega TV. Pray for Romulus and his family that God's blessing may continue to guide him in his new career.

Randall & Mary Hardy entered the Creation Research administration UK after John Young our original rep found Pastoral Ministry over several churches made it impossible for him to more than remain treasurer for the ministry. Randall and Mary then coordinated the ministry for more than a decade maintaining the mailing list and book/video supplies in the UK. Randall is an electrician by training and a self taught computer whizz, and very keen on Creation geology.

Mary and Randall Hardy UK
CANADIAN REP, Jack Hannah (photo left) retired from full time ministry at end of 2012. Jack was a Baptist Pastor in Westney Heights (near Toronto) and hosted Creation Research meetings for quite a few years before taking over Creation Research adminstration. Keep praying for Jack and his wife.



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