YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW - SUPPORT AUSTRALIA'S FIRST LIVING FOSSIL FOREST. For all other related links to this project click Jurassic Ark

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SUPPORT AUSTRALIA'S FIRST LIVING FOSSIL FOREST beside our fabulous fossil find of flood deposited logs near Gympie, Australia. We are planting a forest with the same living varieties of the fossil plants we have found on our site: Wollemi, Kauri and Hoop pines, tree ferns, Cycad and Gingko. Students and visitors will be able to see the living proof plants have produced their own kind just as God said in Genesis. Creation Research staff member John Vuleta is heading up this planting in readiness for filming during the DVD project which will feature the Polystrate trees found in this deposit. To see progress to date and great colour pics, fossils and movie click LIVING FOREST.

HELP PROTECT OUR FOSSILS Your support will allow us to build a sun-reflective, waterproof cover for protection from the wind, sun and rain for our precious discoveries, as well as enabling us to work and display under a much wider range of conditions. To see more click JURASSIC ARK.
SUPPORT OUR EVIDENCE MUSEUM - For SLIDESHOW on this fabulous and developing project click HERE. In preparation for the Gympie site our polished fossil timber collection increases to show the beauty of God's handiwork and the rock solid evidence Genesis is true in our own Australian backyard.
JURASSIC ARK FIELD TRIPS - ask now if your group can have a dig at our Gympie site as we further prepare this world class area. Creation Research Geologists Liam Fromyhr and John Mackay will be your guides. Liam will feature in the coming AIG /CR joint DVD - pray for him.
To see more click JURASSIC ARK.





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