MIXED UP MUSEUM SLAB. Can you spot the star fish, mixed with trilobites, mixed with chunks of wood? Most people miss the fact that the star fish and trilobites lie every which way including upside down, sideways and some right way up. This again was not formed when creatures just died and fell to the bottom. Jumbled pieces of land material and water creatures prove differing environments have been torn apart then buried together. A third key point of our museum is if fossil creatures weren't buried where they are found, then they lived somewhere else, so the rocks don't represent buried environments. Therefore you can't simply add up layers one on top of the other and think you are looking at the history of life, when in reality you are just looking at the record of where creatures are dead. Time is not the key, process is. This will also be the key theme of our Darwin on the Rocks part 4 which we have finally, praise the Lord, got some spare time to begin reinvesting in after all the losses, DVD studio damages etc caused by last year's horrendous weather in south east Queensland. To order DVD DARWIN ON THE ROCKS PART 4 click Web Shop mixed_slab1
You can come see many of these specimens for yourself at Jurassic Ark Museum. Your support and prayers have helped us to find, collect, obtain from all around the planet. THANK YOU.

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