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  1. AUSTRALIAN CREATION MUSEUM - Jurassic Ark History

    Category: Jurassic Ark Files

    ... y talk about climate change and evolution. Our living fossil garden makes a very simple point. Visitors who come to see the fossils and excavate them, usually recognise the fossil logs, but don't know t ... 20 April 2018
  2. Church Programs

    Category: Ministry Files

    ... EARCH? - a look at who, what, when, why, where and how. 19. CLIMATE CHANGE – A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE 20. ALASKA - CREATION EVIDENCE COMES IN FROM THE COLD - 21. SEEING THROUGH GOD’S GL ... 07 July 2017
  3. Jurassic Ark Site - History

    Category: Jurassic Ark Files

    History of Jurassic Ark. Slide show displaying 30 photos which auto runs.  To view the 27 photos of the Jurassic Ark Site: The Evidence click THE EVIDENCE SLIDE SHOW For more information on Climate ... 23 June 2017
  4. Jurassic Ark Project: The Evidence

    Category: Jurassic Ark Files

    ... Elevated Photos website: For more information on Climate Change search for climate in the Fact File. click here Or, To order the DVDs and MP4 Creation and Climate Change ... 23 June 2017
  5. John Mackay free promo brochures

    Category: Free Material

    ... only "Climate Change & Creation" full colour A4 210mm x 297mm  Low Resolution PDF in colour or High Resolution PDF in colour Thumbnail image is a guide visual only  ... 13 August 2016
  6. Stalactite Report No. 1 - 01/09/2015

    Category: Stalactite Experiment

    ... t which is a contributor of leaf mulch/humic acid, and that cessation of stalactite growth is in my view related to the change in plant cover above the cave system, which is obviously related to climat ... 21 June 2016

    Category: JosephUK

    ... g hair gene dominant. Again, the short hair gene may be either switched off, or not even present. Now the dog pack move from their location, to a hot climate (Africa?). Now this is where natural selecti ... 18 January 2016
  8. New Dinosaur Find by Caleb LePore

    Category: Teens Page

    ... trees because Earth’s climate was much warmer as a whole, But, because it was so far north, the dinosaurs likely contended with months of winter darkness, even if it wasn’t as cold as a modern-day winter. ... 14 October 2015
  9. About Caleb LePore USA Teen Member

    Category: Teens Page

    ... evolutionary climate. Caleb is a writer and speaking for the Foundations Creation Club in the USA. Caleb article Who’s really being divisive? Caleb's article Chinese Feathered Dinosaurs Caleb’s articl ... 01 June 2015
  10. <span class="highlight">Climate</span> Change Sea Level Changes&#160;...

    Category: Research Other

    ...  climate gurus. Pic 1. Note the bed of sea shells roughly 100 m (300 feet) above sea level in back ground. Location west coast New Zealand north Island, south west of Hamilton ... 23 July 2014
  11. The Funny Side of <span class="highlight">Climate</span> Change cartoon&#160;...

    Category: JM Funny Side of it all

    To view other toons in the series of THE FUNNY SIDE OF IT ALL by KY click here. 05 February 2014
  12. Giant Roo Fossil Find

    Category: Research Files

    ...  only a reminder that the climate of the Darling Downs was once better, being both warmer and wetter, and having much more lush vegetation, but that the history of kangaroos is the opposite of evolution. Sinc ... 31 August 2012
  13. Gympie Jurassic Ark Project

    Category: Project Files

    ... e in climate after 7 years of drought, floodwaters in February 2008 threatened to engulf our new exposures as field assistant John Vuleta and Dr. Diane Eager excavated new finds. 14. The dampened sandsto ... 27 August 2012
  14. Murals - 2000m at Jurassic Ark

    Category: Web Museum Articles

    ... occured throughout the entire Middle East and is one more clue that global warming/cooling/climate change is not controlled by man.   UK Artist Philip Snow did a spectacular job on the mural we  ... 25 August 2012
  15. <span class="highlight">Climate</span> Change&#160;...

    Category: Archive Articles

    CLIMATE FILE PLEASE NOTE- These items are filed with the latest item at the top. As this file covers several years, some active links will have ceased.   NOBEL PHYSICIST RESIGNS OVER ... 26 July 2012
  16. Free Publicity Promo Brochures

    Category: Free Material

    ... : Available Topics all in PDF format   1. Climate Change & Creation available as high resolution PDF or low resolution PDF  2. Dinosaurs - the untold story  3. Exposing Evoluti ... 26 July 2012
  17. New Giants in the land

    Category: Archive Articles

    ... a Canada. The size of many creatures indicates (1) that the devolution of life is real history and (2) that the degeneration of the climate commenced long before the silly fuss about CO2 and glob ... 20 July 2012



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