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Years ago the skeptics decided that the best way to undermine Christianity in kids eyes was via dinosaurs. In one fell swoop they could belittle God and undermine His word without even appearing to attack the Bible. Now you can fight back and enjoy it. Everyone in the family will love these MP4 videos as they watch and listen to the Creation Guy John Mackay, a world expert on creation and the flood, and see the amazing evidence he and his team have literally dug up the downunder from  Australia to Alaska and back.  John takes you down under to his homeland of Australia and around the globe in  a fabulous 3 part series exposing the evolutionists’ lies and glorifying God and he even shows you how we know many of them drowned. Featuring also up and coming USA TV creation youth presenter David Rives in a great team expose of the fallacies of evolution and the truth of Creation  and the flood in the rocks and the biggest fossils of all time..the monsters God made ..the dinosaurs.

This is a three part series … each is stand-alone half hour presentation and together they make a great coverall of this important topic.


Dinosaurs Downunder part 1 Jurassic Ark…start with the Aussie evidence.

Dinosaurs Downunder part 2 The Flood…see the proof many drowned.

Dinosaurs Downunder part 3 Thorny Issues…fallen fossils tells you how young the rocks are.

A great teaching and witnessing tool for home and church. DOWNLOAD YOUR SET NOW – 3 FOR $20 click SHOP or Buy 3 DVD set for $30 Post Free click SHOP 
by David Rives & John Mackay

This is a three part series … each is stand-alone half hour presentation and together they make a great coverall of this important topic.


Some months it’s definitely harder to give thanks in everything. Prior to Christmas downunder, we had 140mls (nearly 6 inches) of rain in 20 minutes, followed soon after by a 17m (60’) gum tree from the neighbour’s property, falling downhill onto our phone line, our house, children’s play area etc and took us off line as well as giving us a very holey roof.

The initial phone line repairs to our office mysteriously worked sometimes and not others. Finally the phone company discovered our on/off problems were caused by the tree fall slightly dislodging the connection out in the street 50m away, so we were again connected to the e-world Tuesday 10th January for the first time in a month. Three days later, another tree fall took out our main power line .... it was Friday 13th.

The second tree ripped the power bracket off the wall which created a real dilemma as the energy company said regulations have changed in the 50 years since the building was erected and we will have to put in a new property pole and a trench for underground power ... then they can reconnect us ... 6500 Aussie dollars later. Power pole went in last Monday. Trench went in Tuesday and workmen managed to chop the water supply line in two as well. Yes, Shakespeare could have written a new chapter for his comedy of errors, but it means we still are without connection, so this email is being sent from a temporary location. And we have been running survival mode on noisy generators since January 13th.

Creation Research staff have been told to not come in as heat wave conditions have made for 30-38 degree days and as we have no fans, air con or computers (since the experts have advised us computers don’t appreciate generators, due to constant surging running fridges etc ...) which means we can do no CR work at all practically, except deal with letters and old fashioned printed stuff.

So our apologies to all whose emails haven’t been answered, or whose web orders are not processed. They will get done. Thanks to those whose gifts have been received by our bank even if we don’t know it and haven’t acknowledged it. Please continue to keep the gifts coming in as we have some real extra needs as you may imagine.

Pray with us as we still have downed security lights from the storm a month ago and now have two new holes in the roof where the power connection was ripped out, and are basically unable to do any e-processing where data is stored in main computers which are currently inaccessible.  We are e-surviving only by sending/receiving through my IPhone.

Also we have ‘happy’ insurance company with 2 claims in one month and few tradesman to do some of the tasks in this hot holiday month where many Aussie builders take time out from work. At present you can only catch Creation Research via IPhone: 0488 740 407 or 0488 098 130, although all our web hubs are in different locations and still up and running.

At the personal level, John and Anne Mackay who live on the property have no hot water, no fans, no air con, no stoves, no security lights, all landline phones dead, but lots of power cords,  an old gas barbie, with 2 lights for the house and the constant brrrrr brrrr brrr of the ‘genny’. The Mackay’s are definitely camping IN this summer, as well as doing lots of supermarket lunching and movies because they have air con and free wifi. 

You may remember that when Satan began his attack on Job he started with devastating, sudden and vicious climate change. God told the devil it wouldn’t work and it didn’t. Pray that we might endure faithful to our Creator and Saviour Christ in the same way.

John Mackay, the Creation Guy, and staff.




Don't miss John Mackay in Sydney & surrounds Wednesday 29th May to June 2nd.

 Wednesday 29th May 7.30pm.
 TOPIC ‘Defeating the  aggressive atheists’

Plus a great time sharing the latest blessings from Australia’s only museum and fossil site.

WHERE: Building 19, Balcombe Heights Estate, Baulkham Hills. NSW 2154

Contact - Allen Roberts phone (02) 9659-8804

Thursday May 30th  7pm Liberty Baptist Church

TOPIC: Demolishing Dawkins, Confirming Christ as Creator.

Senior Citizens Centre, cnr North Rocks Rd & Farnell Av,
North Rocks, NSW, Australia (behind the tennis courts)

Ph: +61 2 9875 4321

Lots of resources available each meetings and great Q&A sessions.

Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd June

WHERE: Bethshan Community Church, 70 Wyee Rd, WYEE NSW

Saturday night 7pm ­- Noah’s flood the evidence down under 
Sunday Morning 10am – In six days God Created – worship Him.  
Sunday Evening 6pm – Defeating the aggressive atheist

Inquiries Phone: (02) 4357 1203  Email:


276 Waller road, Browns Plains.
Near Brisbane.
CONTACT 07-38004421 or


Great resources available all day.

9.30am – 11.00am - John Mackay and Ken Ham
If God made all things good,  where does evil come from?  Christ from creation to the Cross  
PLUS  hear and see the latest on the world’s best Creation Museum.

11.00am - 12.30pm LUNCH BREAK lunch provided or bring your own.

12.30 – 2.30pm SEMINAR with Q&A

SESSION 1 KEN HAM - How to reach today's secularized culture with the gospel?

SESSION 2 JOHN MACKAY - Amazing Aussie Evidence- Creation and  the Flood – digging dinosaurs downunder.



6.00pm John Mackay and the Creation Research Team.
Ape or Image? .Molecules Monkeys and Men Evidence and importance


Great Q&A and great resources available all day.


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