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Pray for these men as they help with the legal and  financial aspects of Creation Research work in the United Kingdom. Each has  been associated with Creation Research for many years and all are firmly  committed to the Biblical Truths of creation and Christ as Creator.

Enquires about the Trust should be addressed to John Young 
or by telephone 0161 371 1877
Donations and postal enquiries should be sent to Andrew  Forbes:
The Treasurer
Creation Research Trust,
c/o 397A Hale End Road,
Woodford Green, Essex IG8 9LL

UK DONATIONS - Become part of the Creation Research Support Team Worldwide and help spread God's Word about God's World with your finance and your prayers.
John and Marguerite Young handle the finances of Creation Research resource sales.
John is trained in finance and banking and now also serves as a pastor in North Manchester. Marguerite is a trained French teacher.
Enquires about the Trust should be addressed to John Young
or by telephone 0161 371 1877



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