USA Team

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Donations in the USA are tax deductible when channelled through our educational charity, "Creation Education Society" Click Donations USA for details. 
Bob Powell is a Government Geologist in the USA and has been involved in much field work on the origin of coal for Creation Research. Bob is available to lead Field Trips and give talks on the geological evidence of Creation and Noah's flood.
Jeff Boles has had successfull experiments on the space shuttle and lectures as a Professor of Chemistry for the Tennesse Technology University. He is available for lectures on Creation in the central Tennesse area.
Oil Geologist Robert Stewart is laying the groundwork for our US Creation Research Museum. Robert became convinced of the truth of creation and Noah's flood following a presentation we made to Tennessee geologists on rapid catastrophic formation of coal. Up to that stage Robert had doubted Genesis could be geologically true. Robert is available for field trips.
Carol and Linda Carman are Creation Research Reps in the USA. Carol is a qualified Surveyor and Pastor.
Robert Rowe MSc graduated from Tennessee Technical University with degrees in Icthyology. Robert has become involved in giving series of creation lectures, and helping lead Creation Research field trips. He is gaining experience as a Youth Leader in his own church as he takes up the banner for Creation Research.
joni_webWELCOME JONI STEWART as the new Creation Research coordinator for the United States. She will take all your calls and questions and help you find the answer that you need.  Joni has a degree in Accounting from Samford University and has 10 years experience in ministry administration. Based in Tennessee, she is married to Geologist Robert Stewart who has long been part of Creation Research USA. They are both excited to see Creation Research opportunities expand in the United States.  Please feel free to contact Joni on (931) 260-8671 to ask any questions or schedule Creation Research events in your area.