PART 1. Martin Legemaate and team file a photo report of a great April Creation Weekend of ministry below.
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There was a great lineup of local Canadian speakers at the Creation Weekend Event at Goodwood Baptist Church in Goodwood Ontario where the Creation Research Museum of Ontario is housed. Folks were encouraged and challenged in all the events. 
Friday April 19th Dr. Gary Chiang from Redeemer University College in Ancaster  spoke on "How to Interact With Christian Evolutionists" and revealed a little known fact that many professors are being lured away from teaching the plain text of scripture by receiving  foundation grants to teach theistic evolution. 
On Saturday Martin Legemaate taught a childrens class on fossils, trilobites and evidence in the rocks for creation and catastrophe.  There was a tour of the museum and as usual at the end of the class the kids were able to collect their own fossils at the research tables.

The LORD does know where the good fossils are because the first strike of the hammer in a demonstration revealed an almost complete trilobite specimen!

Frank and Carol Brandon lead afternoon classes on "The Basics" Creation 101.

All through the afternoon the fossil hunt was on where folks were able to split open shale slabs to search for fossils. 


The newest feature was "The Rock Pile" were kids could collect and take home a bucket of minerals, rocks and fossils.




Saturday ended with an evening talk about world wide evidence for Noah's Flood by  Ian Juby founder of the Travelling Creation Science Museum of Canada.


The next day in Sunday School in a presentation by Martin Legemaate people learned about the fossils of Nova Scotia and the evidence they show for catastrophism and giantism.
Evidence shows a better environment in the past because of large fossil plants and animals harmonizing nicely with what the bible says about the world starting out a "Good".


Frank Brandon tackled very well Sunday's sermon entitled "The Bible Tells Me So" .....


and Ian Juby wrapped things up with and evening talk entitled, "The Greatest Weapon Ever Formed Against The Bible": a look into the effects uniformitarian geology had on shaping the view of the age of the earth.


People could tour the museum the whole weekend.


The rock store.


Refreshments after a session. 


Gary Chiang at the book signing table.


Ian Juby at the book signing table.


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