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1. Geologists Liam Fromhyr and John Mackay spent profitable time north of the old Gympie gold field (July 07) discovering previously unsuspected fossil sites.
 2. The Rammut formation limestones around Gympie are full of corals and crinoids and are typically regarded as Permian marine deposits. A second limestone is inter mingled with the jurassic Tiaro coal deposits.
3. Our excavation has revealed beautifully preserved land plants. This is not what you would expect given the evolutionary long time scenario, but it is what you'd expect given the biblical picture of Noah's Flood and subsequent catastrophic events mixing land and sea creatures and burying them rapidly.
 4. The ferns were found widespread in rock that was proved to be solid limestone by the HCL test in which a drop of diluted HCL is placed on the stones. The results can be seen above - it bubbled profusely.
5. The beautiful detail of these ferns which are coloured by iron oxide also points to rapid burial, and denides the normal story that limestone formed slowly in shallow tropical seas.
6. The ferns include some extinct genus as well as still existing tree ferns. Marvellous confirmation that plants do reproduce their own kind no
matter how long they have been on planet earth.
 7. A near by lime rich sandstone reveals what seems to be a frond from a pine tree.




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