FOSSIL FLOOD LOG JAM UNEARTHED 2006. GYMPIE (Australia) FLOOD TREE SITE EXCAVATION success as a good group of helpers turned up to excavate the fossil logjam we discovered quite a few years ago. Now read on and enjoy what we excavated.
See latest pics for FLOOD LOG JAM STAGE 2 , 2007. Also new research 2007 FLOOD FERNS IN LIMESTONE.

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1. The dig begins as heavy equipment
moves in.
2. We did need some drains to let the water off the site.
3. The log jam bed was some 4' or 1.3 m below the surface. A good lesson in
cooperation. The clue was to find the level pebble bed. Don't go any deeper
or the logs would be destroyed.
4. James and Leanne Greiger hose down the excavation to just above the log
level, and at 34 celsius it was a good job.
5. A good group of voluntary helpers turned out to do the sweat work. Thanks all.
6. Down to the line as first signs of trees begin to appear. Will they prove that the logs have been smashed and washed into place or did they just rot and fall down into a river where they grew?
A few hrs later and the evidence is looking good -both ends of the tree are broken.
A close up of the end shows a broken log in sandstone.
Going deeper to see whats at the end of an already exposed log. Need for drains now appreciated.
A new log section of pine tree petrified. Is it smashed or part of a bigger tree? A young helper cleans it up.

More work reveals all. The 1/2 m thick (1.5') log has been karate chopped and jammed against another. This is a log jam for sure in which large trees were destroyed and carried and buried rapidly and violently.

The cross bedding of the sandstone confirms both the speed and direction of
the current.
12. Aerial PAN shot of the first tree now excavated, cleaned and discovered to be buried with another tree section almost at right angles to its top jammed against a large boulder which gives more clues about how violent the flood activity has been.
SUMMARY: All logs excavated regardless of size had been smashed. Some logs were up to 1/2m thick and look as if they had been karate chopped into separate blocks. The deposit is in strongly cross-bedded sandstone with pebble beds indicating the direction of water flow. The trees are mainly pine and as such no help to evolution.

We already take schools and public to this site -now it can be even better evidence that the rocks did not take millions of years to get there and a flood explanation actually works.

See latest pics for FLOOD LOG JAM STAGE 2 , 2007

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