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1. Geologist Liam Fromyhr addresses family groups gathered at our research site, as he brings an unusual object from the old Gympie Gold Mine.
 2. Students get to see close up the petrified post infilled with silica that Liam is talking about.
3. This post section was placed in the mine as a support in the 1950's, then the mine was shut and flooded after 1956.
 4. The straight edges of the wall boards can be seen above, as can the still-in-place copper wire, which was part of the electrical system of the mine.
5. Wooden splinters are still found along the edge of the stone post infill, where it has been in contact with the wall boards.
 6. This wood can still be burned, Liam reports, even though the in-filling is silica or chalcedony.

 7. Whilst many pipe spaces in bores and in mines are rapidly filled with calcium carbonate, this deposit of silica is very unusual.

This cross-section shows the agate banding which has occurred in the board spaces and is again indicative that you don't need time to produce such deposits, you need a process. If the right conditions exist for the process,
then it can happen relatively quickly.

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