FOSSIL LOG FLOOD DUMP LATEST as Creation Research Geologist Liam Fromyhr (below left) and one volunteer spent much of a work day mapping the fossil logs showing their compass direction and angle of dip (below right).

This might not mean much to most people, but to the geologist dip and direction are undeniable evidence that this site is not a fossil forest – BUT a catastrophic fossil flood dump. A watery surge has violently brought trees from a distant forest that had been smashed, and then dumped where we found them. This excavation site is a vital first stage in showing students you can recognise both a catastrophic flood deposit, and discern the evidence of what 'created after its kind' means - something evolutionist skeptics claim cannot be done. It is absolutely vital that we do our Geologic homework thoroughly so Christians can have confidence and doubters are encouraged to see the truth of God’s Word in His World. Your gifts make this project possible so a big thankyou from all of us in Creation Research.

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Gympie garden supervisor John Vuleta (pictured with hoe), and geologist Liam Fromyhr put the finishing touches to a day's effort in cleaning up the stand of 40 varieties of gum trees we are planting. The gum tree forest will enable young students to recognise the difference between species and kind, and see the fallacy of Darwin's evolution. The watering system (above) and the pumping system, have been installed by John, so pray for him, as he undertakes maintenance on this property. Praise the Lord with us for the Grieger family who are so willingly cooperative in allowing their property to be used for such a project. Your funds have been a wonderful help in not only purchasing the trees and sprinkler system, but turning what's just rough Aussie dry bush and bare land, into a glorious Genesis Garden to help people understand the Word of God is true from the beginning.
Gympie project expands as we find a new flood log jam site in identical rocks in the Laidley Valley some 180km from our Gympie site. Our March Toowoomba field trips will be the first to commence excavating this site, as it too is full of Flood dumped logs. It doesn't take too many brains to figure out that the number of Flood dumped logs petrified in the sandstone from Gympie to Laidley is in the millions. Of course, the key point is, since they didn't grow where they are, they have been transported there from a forest which has been destroyed over a huge area to provide such a vast number of trees. The site is a beautiful one, and it should be a wonderful day that we spend digging, We've already excavated some fabulous petrified log specimens from there. Continued work should prove the point we've been making that our fossil log beds are getting to be as good as the Arizona fossil forest which never was a forest at all!


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