Population problem for Dawkins (and you) to ponder from Rudy Poglitsh USA: “IF, as my university ecology lecturer told me, every species wants to fill the universe with its number (survival of the fittest and all that); and IF, as atheist and evolutionist author the Selfish Gene concept Professor Richard Dawkins said in his conversation with Human Genome scientist Francis Collins published in Time magazine a year or so ago, most sexual acts are now contracepted (which I can believe is true); Therefore, can we conclude that large-family Protestants, orthodox Catholics, and child-minded Muslims are the only ones living according to the proper operation of the evolutionist selfish-gene? Strange if that is the case since these groups are amongst those who usually oppose evolution tooth-and-nail.”

Editorial Comment: When it comes to evolution, strange, counterintuitive, and even counterfactual claims are not obstacles – it’s enough to make you doubt the integrity of most evolutionists, isn’t it?

Evidence News, 11 June 2008


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