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DVD 5.52 (Preview) - INTERVIEW Ken Ham, John Mackay. GROUND BREAKING, REVEALING, FASCINATING, CHALLENGING are the words which best describe the new DVD, filmed at the Creation Museum in Kentucky featuring John Mackay and Ken Ham.

Video 1:32:03 (Full Length) - The Big Question DEBATE - "Is evolution compatibly with the Christian Faith?"
Dr John Polkinghorne KBE, FRS (Cambridge Physicist & Canon Theological) Vs. John Mackay. Is Evolution Compatible with the Christian Faith? Hosted by BBC's Roger Phillips, filmed live at Liverpool Cathedral. Don't miss this great debate.
A TV personality and his wife are counselled by doctors to abort their genetically deficient baby.
Video (Full Length) - The Search for the Origin of Life - Five 25 min. videos plus student text book. Designed by Canberra Biology Lecturer Dr. Diane Eager with Australian and International Director of Creation Research John Mackay. Successfully tried in public high schools in Australia, Canada, USA and NZ.
Part A 1:25:26. Lessons 1, 2 & 3
Part B 54:34. Lessons 4 & 5
Video 30:41 (Full Length) - Genesis Unplugged plus FREE Study Guide 6 Part Series dealing with basic life issues.
Video 2:03:46 (Full Length) - Did a Good God make Bad Bugs by John Mackay. Genetics expert, Dr Csaba Siffel (Centre of Disease Control USA) says: "This is a wonderful presentation."
Video 30:43 (Full Length) - The Creation of LOVE and MARRIAGE by John Mackay. We live in a society that believes marriage evolved for human convenience, and therefore feminists, lawyers, politicians and homosexuals can dispose of it or re-define it when it is no longer convenient for them.
Video 1:00:28 (Full Length) - Why Creation should be taught in schools by John Mackay. Lecture  given to UK Parliamentarians by John Mackay. Pupils can now ask  questions about creation provided teachers emphasise it has "no  underpinning scientific principles"... new government guidance says.
Video (Full Length) - About Creation Research. Creation Research is not underwritten by any one church or denomination. Creation Research is a faith ministry funded by the gifts of God's people to proclaim Christ as Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Lord and Judge.
Video 3:22:09 (Full Length) - Confirming Creation TV broadcast - program 1. What about the dinosaurs.Three 30 minute TV programs broadcast on Canadian TV's 100 Huntley Street    Show with Vance Nelson and John Mackay defeat evolution.
Video 2:19:49 Confirming Creation TV broadcast - program 2. The Travelling Creation Museum.Three 30 minute TV programs broadcast on Canadian TV's 100 Huntley Street   Show with Vance Nelson and John Mackay defeat evolution
Video 1:21:21 (Full Length) - Confirming Creation TV broadcast - program 3. Creation Questions and Answers.Three 30 minute TV programs broadcast on Canadian TV's 100 Huntley Street Show with Vance Nelson and John Mackay defeat evolution.
School Controversy ABC August 2011. CREATION RESEARCH IN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS "APPALLING". ABC TV News, 13 August 2011 broke the story and The Australian Newspaper 15 August 2011, p2. Special Report Chaplaincy Row The Australian Newspaper 15 August 2011, p2.
Video 58:30 (Full Length) - Canadian TV show "INSIGHT" quizzes Vance Nelson and John Mackay. Dinosaurs, Age of Earth, Six Day Creation, Evolution and much more.
Video 2:25:47 (Full Length)Live9 UK TV Talk show features the Creation Guy John Mackay
Video 1:46:00 (Full Length)Authority - The Bible vs Science by Graham French. Recorded at the Time and Creation Conference 2003 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Video 1:41:30 (Full Length)Newstead Bapist Church featuring Craig Hawkins. Craig Hawkins M Sc minsters for Creation Research in churches as well as appears in some of our documentary DVDs.



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