John Mackay and the Creation Research team of Dr John Osgood, Dr Diane Eager, Craig Hawkins and Steve Cardno
During that time we will be holding a Back to Genesis Back to Jesus Conference with topics covering:
Genesis Geology and a Young Earth-Fast Fossils & Rapid Rocks,  What about the Stone-Age? Babel & Beyon,
 Ararat to Babel  An Archaeological Adventure, ‘Time is the Enemy of Evolution - The Evidence of a Recent Creation’ ‘Aboriginal Art points to Babel’, In  Six days ..its all about Jesus credibility.

Six Days?  - You can't take any Longer.

Speakers: The Creation Guy John Mackay,  Dr John Osgood, Craig Hawkins, Dr Diane Eager  and Artist Steve Cardno. 
Tassie coordinator: Craig Hawkins Ph: 63834811 / 0487 343348
Email: craig@seahorse-australia.com.au


Saturday 2nd, 3pm - 5.30 pm  Midway Point Christian Fellowship
5 Fenton Street Midway Point
Speakers: John Mackay and Dr. John Osgood.
Creation vs Evolution:  Challenge your Perceptions…See the evidence Gods Word is true.
1st session: 3pm - 4pm/afternoon tea to 4.30 p.m
2nd session 4.30 - 5.30pm.  
CONTACT: Tony Harback 6265 2525
Sunday 3rd, 10am  Faith Independent Baptist Church
South Hobart Primary School, Anglesea Street, South Hobart
Speaker: John Mackay
TOPIC: Worship the Creator
CONTACT: Pastor Brutus Balan 6247 8517
Email: brutaya_balan@hotmail.com

Sunday 3rd, 6pm Citylight Church
150 Redwood Road Kingston
Speaker: John Mackay
CONTACT: Pastor Bernie Hartog 6229 1944


Wednesday 6th, 7 - 8.30a.m Ministers Breakfast
Trevallyn Life Church 34-36 Pitt Ave Trevallyn
Speaker: John Mackay 
Please RSVP:” Matiu Chamberlain 6327 2943
Friday 8th, 3.30 - 5.30pm Homeschoolers and children’s program.
Trevallyn Life Church 34-36 Pitt Ave Trevallyn
CONTACT: De Arn Foley 6331 9083 register, small cost involved.
TOPICS: THE REAL HISTORY OF MAN... Confirming God’s Word is true from the Beginning.
Great family session to start and tremendous High school and primary electives to finish the day.
• Noahs Ark.
• The Tower of  Babel .
• Where do skin colours come from?
• How long has man been on the planet?
• What colour was Adam?
• What about fossil people?
• Aborigines and the Tower of Babel. 
Speakers The Creation Guy John Mackay and the Creation
Research team - Dr John Osgood, Dr Diane Eager and Artist Steve Cardno. 
Good question times and lots resources available.

Thursday August 7th 7pm
Somerset Baptist 119A Pelissier Street, Somerset
Ph: (03) 6435 2407 Email: dabest@pacific.net.au

Friday 8th, 7pm Trevallyn Life Church
Trevallyn Life Church 34 - 36 Pitt Ave Trevallyn
CONTACT: Pastor Matiu Chamberlain 6327 2943
TOPIC: SIX DAYS OF CREATION (The Bible and the age of the earth)

Saturday 9th, 12.30 - 5.30   SEMINAR
Longford Baptist Church 159 Wellington Street Longford
Hosted by the Baptist and Anglican Churches Longford,
CONTACT: Pastor Edrick Corban-Banks 6391 2982

TOPICS: Dinosaurs, Noahs Ark, Races, Design, Age of the earth, The Creator Christ, Flood to Babel, Aussie Evidence against Evolution, and much more.
Doors open 12.30pm 
1 - 2.00pm John Mackay 
2.15 - 3.30pm  Electives with Dr John Osgood, Dr Diane Eager and Artist Steve Cardno.
Tea break 3.30 - 4.00pm
4 - 5.30pm John Mackay/Craig Hawkins,

Sunday 10th, 9am Christchurch Anglican Church Longford
Speaker: John Mackay Worship the Creator
Contact: Edrick Corban-Banks 6391 2982 / 0400 296777
Address: Corner, Wellington and William Streets Longford
Ph: (03) 6425 3366(03) 6425 3366 Email: admin@lccf.org.au

MORE DETAILS Contact Craig Hawkins Phone: (03) 6383-4811(03) 6383-4811 / 0487 343 3480487 343 348.
Email: craig@seahorse-australia.com.au.



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