STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS need your help. To give to this project click YOUR COUNTRY Secure Web Give. Donations in USA and the UK are tax deductible. 

In 2009 Creation Research will once again offer the Dr Allen Hall Scholarships with 3 US $1000 prizes available to University students in Romania. Topic for the year of Darwin's bicentenary - "Darwin's influence, for better or for worse - a discussion of the social, scientific, theological and political consequences of Charles Darwin's theories". ah
Dr Allen Hall
Students must submit essays by end of February 2009 and prizes will be awarded during March by our Eastern European rep, Romulus Campan.

More info on Dr Allen Hall CLICK HERE

NEW HUNGARIAN DR STEWART SCHOLARSHIPS. Dr David Stewart was a surgeon and a keen supporter of Creation Research in the USA who was mightily blessed by the field research of our Tennessee team and went to be with the Lord last year. David's consistent and faithful support over the years is the reason we have named the Hungarian Creation Research Scholarship in his honour. Appropriately this scholarship which rewards students for their research on the evidence for Biblical creation  commenced in 2009 the year of Charles Darwin's anniversary.

THE SCHOLARSHIPS are well under way and being administered locally by The Protestant Creation Research Group ( who are well advanced in promoting the competition to support the Biblical creation model.

Dr David Stewart
For names and details of the 2009 scholarship winners CLICK HERE


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