"TIME'S UP DARWIN" DVD now available. Stunning Wide Screen Documentary showing fascinating new evidences that strikes a lethal blow to Darwin's heart - the 'millions of years' required for evolution don't exist!

Travel to Mars and back, meet dinosaur hunters with fabulous fossils, visit coal seams and rocks leaking radioactive gas, plus go down caves and up gum trees as you join a stellar cast of world experts while Creation Guy John Mackay takes you around the world.

Your whole family will enjoy this entertaining journey of discovery as you learn how the Bible can be trusted in an age of science, and see the evidence God did make the world in just 6 days. FREE PREVIEW

See amazing evidences for Creation as one of the world's leading Creation speakers (below), John Mackay, strikes the lethal blow to evolution's heart - its 'millions of years' of Earth history don't exist!


'An excellent resource.'

Engineering Physicist Dr. Andy Mackintosh: "Great video, you will be amazed at recent discoveries, some of them by Mackay's own team, which confirm evolutionists are suppressing the real evidence. The battle today is not over the science, it is against the godless worldview behind evolution. It is against prejudice in the mind of man who will always suppress the truth – Rom 1:18 "suppressing the truth in unrighteousness."



'Especially powerful.'

Theologian Dr. Paul Blackham: "This DVD is especially powerful in taking us to geological sites so that we can see the rocks and fossils that challenge the mainstream myth. The emphasis on scientific analysis is something many people will have never heard before. Yes, the central issue is always the LORD Jesus Christ Himself, but too many people carry on with that old Enlightenment idea that our ideas of origins have nothing to do with Jesus or theology! If this DVD doesn't provoke you to deeper thought, then you must be already lying down in the undertakers. This DVD deserves to be seen and discussed by the widest possible audience."



'An excellent video.'

Sylvia Baker MSc: “An excellent video. It uses a number of different lines of evidence, located in several parts of the world and articulated by a variety of experts, to indicate that geological processes suggest a young Earth. It is easy to watch and makes its points clearly. It will encourage those who already believe that the Earth is young and that living things are designed, while at the same time challenging those who take a different view.”



'Great video...'

Dr John Peet: “An excellent resource. It is provocative, challenging the preconceptions of so many. I wonder how many will become Christians through it! Well produced and accessible to the non-scientist, though scientists will find useful material in it. By making use of well-qualified specialists, John enhances the authority of the content. The theme is the age of the world. This is a constant bone of contention for sceptics who believe the Bible account of creation and earth history is impossible because “science has proven” that the earth is billions of years old and not thousands. John is unapologetic in sticking to the Bible account and the video demonstrates with on-the-site shots and genuine facts that no-one need feel embarrassed by standing by the Bible. Buy it, use it in small home groups, Christian Unions or even larger creation meetings.


TIME'S UP DARWIN only $20.00 Post Paid (Available Australia & UK Only). SPECIAL OFFER Get all 3 in the 'DARWIN ON THE ROCKS' series for only $55 Post Paid! To Purchase click SECURE WEB SHOP or download Print out brochure/ORDER FORM and fax to +61 07 3206 0001 or phone +61 07 3206 4464 or email order to: info@creationresearch.net






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