Seminars are available at all levels from elementary school through University, from one hour to one week, from gereral public meetings to church services

For approx cost to hold a CREATION RESEARCH PROGRAM click HERE

A full day seminar starts at 9 in the morning and proceeds with coffee and lunch breaks till 4.30 in the afternoon. Can recommence with a public session at 7:30 - 9 at night if required.

For cost of holding a Creation Research Seminar in your area click Prices.
Public Schools regard this as a controversial area and our experience over many years has given us excellent ways of dealing with sensitive issues. We provide programs, particularly for high school but can provide primary school material as well. We have filmed some of our programs in the Public School Classrooms. To freely view video at You Tube click "Search the Origin of Life."For programs available for students and teachers click Public Schools
Universities - Debates are a popular format for presenting Creation information at this level along with forums and special club interest topics. We guarantee the audience will be challenged by the end of the presentation. To see some of our FREE university debates that have been filmed select You Tube For programs for universities click University Programs
Churches around the world have been blessed by sponsoring a Creation weekend or week. A Sunday with Creation Research is an excellent way to encourage people's acceptance of the truth of creation, help them to believe God's word from cover to cover and destroy their confidence in evolution. Whether it's Sunday school, teens, or adult Bible studies, every church benefits from teaching sessions on the truth of God as Creator and the facts of His creation. To see results of Creation Research ministry in the churches select Testimonies. To see presentation available in churches select Church Programs


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