Flies' eyes inspire laser scanning device, according to New Scientist, 10 Jan 2004, p23. Researchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba, Israel have built a micro-lens array consisting of 132 tiny lenses that work in the same way as the compound eye of a fly. Each lens in a fly's compound eye captures a separate image of the object and sends the information to the fly's brain which combines them to give a clear picture. The Ben Gurion University team have combined their system of lenses with digital imaging equipment and are hoping to develop a medical imaging system that uses harmless low powered laser light rather than x-rays.

Editorial Comment: Anyone who has tried to swat flies knows how well their multi-lens system works. The fact that it took university trained scientists and engineers to develop a system that copies it is irrefutable proof that building flies eyes requires information and creative intelligence, not mindless chance evolution. (Ref. flies, lenses, eyes)


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