Euthanisia Page   EUTHANISIA FOR REAL - Your 89 year old dad's leg go gangrenous
“Dad” and grand daughters
Deb and Christy
The surgeons say he is going to die if you leave his leg on. He'll also probably die if you allow them to amputate to stop the gangrene spreading. Then someone suggests the best thing would be to "give him a needle and put him to sleep, it would end his suffering". Not a hypothetical situation, but one which happened in Australia during the first week of August, 2000. John Mackay's dad was rushed to hospital following an ulcerated bowel and mild heart attack. Loss of blood pressure was followed by the death of his foot and the spread of gangrene. What a choice! Leave the leg on and he will die slowly, or chop it off and he may die quickly from shock. Everything we could find about gangrene told us he would die and maybe slowly, with awful pain resistant to most painkilling drugs. We didn't want dad to die from shock either. At 89 years of age, the body hasn't much resistance left.
The God of the Bible commands us "to honour our parents" (Exodus 20:12). In the last 3 years the Mackay family has discovered what a high price can come with that commandment. Since John's mum first broke a leg almost 3 years ago, and then had a stroke, she and dad began slowly to go downhill. The increasing burden of care brought to light there just weren't enough hours in the day to run a successful Creation Research ministry and care for aging parents, visit them in hospitals, visit them separately in nursing homes plus try to take one to the other and help them deal with increasing mental and social decline. Yes, its very easy to understand why most aged people in nursing homes and hospitals don't get visits from children. The sheer practicality is almost overwhelming. It's also easy to understand why society would willingly accept euthanasia. We have reached the point in medicine, where we are smart enough to be able to keep bodies alive, yet not wise enough to know if we should, and clever enough to put a body "to sleep" with no difficulty. also live in a world where many reject the authority of God as Creator. It is therefore easy to predict an increasing trend to not only willingly put aging parents "to sleep", but to extend such a fate to anyone who becomes a social burden. Surprisingly, in the end the same tragic fate will be willingly accepted by those, and for those, who originally suggested it as a convenient elimination of their social burdens. did we do for Dad? If we dithered and made no decision, he would linger for a week or a month and die painfully from gangrene. It was within our power to stop the gangrene, yet we did know Dad might not come out of an amputation. So we did make a decision and we did say our goodbyes before the operation, plus pray with Dad and counsel him. If he did not survive, it would not be because he had been simply "put to sleep". He would be standing before the Almighty God giving account of himself against God's standards. One consequence could be an eternity bearing the penalties of his own sins in a place which Jesus describes in Luke 16:19-31 and Matthew 25:31-46, as a burning hell where people consciously suffer forever. His alternative was to accept Christ's forgiveness for his sin and admit the fact that Christ's death on the cross at Calvary had been sufficient payment for his sin. Then he would be welcomed into heaven for eternity - a place of conscious delight and joy where he would never regret the losing of his leg, because the Saviour Christ who also happens to be the Creator would, in the new heavens and the new earth, give him a new body that could never suffer gangrene or aging again. the past 3 years of Mum and Dad's decline, we have really struggled to find time to both maintain the Creation Research ministry and care for John's parents. We would like to thank those of you who have prayed for us and stood with us.


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