Jurassic Ark is situated about 2 hours north of the Brisbane Airport just outside the historic gold mining  town of Gympie. Directions click Jurassic Ark map 2017 PDF

1. TO VISIT JURASSIC ARK – visitors are welcome individually or in families or groups. Contact our curator Darryl to organise this on 0468 726 184 or email daryl_brenton@wycliffe.org.au. Darryl is in attendance for public visits Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Various length day trips are available from one hour to five hours,  so discuss costs with Darryl. Saturday visits are by arrangement and normally held only when we organise a Jurassic Ark tour group.  

2.OPEN DAY we have an open day usually in September when our orchids are blooming and the botanical gardens are looking great. Make sure you’re on our email news list to be informed about when this will be to see the latest finds and improvements. Click to subscribe.

3. SCHOOL VISITS TO JURASSIC ARKyour class can visit Jurassic Ark by arrangement for a great day or half day fun learning outdoor experience.

4.CHURCH VISITS  The facility is also available for Sunday morning outdoor services. 

5. DONATE TO THIS PROJECT NOW ... the whole world needs to see the evidence Gods word is true from the very beginning. Click WEB GIVE.


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