Joseph Hubbard and John Mackay froze as Icelandic winds scoured across the UK during this last week, but the evidence for creation and the flood they found was great.
In the first block  you see Joseph and John heading out on a moderate morning which degenerated to hail and snow during the day so that by the time John found a giant fossil sponge it was bitter. We know it’s a sponge because they are still here and this one was preserved in flint..tough, as was the echinoderm Johns gloved hand is holding.

In the other block you see the results of the Saturdays public Field trip where only the very hardy made it to the ends through freeing rain, but the fossils you can see ..a lamp shell fossil, a matching cockle shell pair living and one fossil from the same location, as well as the spectacular metal spike found fossilizing in the rock on this stretch of UK coast line were worth it.  Joseph is holding another field trip to this location in June so if you live I UK and want a Norfolk outing on June 9, contact us for more details.

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John Mackay is shown with a great Ammonite deep sea shell buried with a south American Monkey Puzzle Tree fossil. Found west of Cardiff in Wales it's a fabulous flood specimen mixture of land and sea creatures. Now on its way to display in the UK as evidence Gods Word is true.

Talk about the evidence of flood deposition. Keep up with our finds on Instagram.

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