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We have the biggest research file in the world on vertical fossil trees (polystrate). These have made a remarkable impact, in universities around the world where we use them to show that millions of years of evolution is not in the rocks. The tree (right) which we exposed on our 2002 Blue Mountains coal field trip is just one more nail in the coffin of those who insist the evidence points to evolution and millions of years, therefore the Bible must be reinterpreted or thrown out. This continuing research is vital. Like all research, it is expensive and needs your team support gifts. See Evidence from Polystrate Fossil Trees brochure No 3

Fossil Polystrate Tree found with leaves

Polystrate Fossil Flood Tree

Polystrate file Trilobites

Polystrate file Nautilus Shell

Polystrate file Fish

Polystrate file Trees

Polystrate file Leaves

Polystrate file Belemites

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