CANADA MUSEUM BLESSING - Martin Legemaate (below) has made great progress with our fossil museum with new displays below as he tackles just how to show that the rocks cry out the praises of Jesus the Creator, even though foolish men applaud Darwin and Dawkins. Pray for Martin as he collects this material, mostly in Ontario and leads field trips in that province. Now we can also praise God as Martin has high school doors opening to him.
Photo (below) shows Martin out in field in Ontario collecting for the Museum. Pray much for this faithful man and his family.

martinMartin writes: "The Lord seems to be widening the influence of our Ontario Museum's creation and catastrophe message with the first ever museum public school tour which started in Spring. During October I had an opportunity to speak at a local public high school to a group of students for 3 sessions. The power point presentation was called, "The History of the Theory of Evolution, What Went Wrong?"

The student led group that sponsored Martin is called G.A.S.P. (God and Student Partnership). 14 student packets consisting of Creation Research Evidence brochures, DVDs and CDs were taken by students interested in knowing more. Pray for bold student groups such as G.A.S.P. as they try to navigate through an evolutionary saturated environment. Support Creation Research as materials are provided free to the public forums. It's a small start but a great open door for Martin in secular schools. Pray for him and this ministry in Canada, and throw your prayer and financial support behind all of our school ministry. 

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