Subjects below are especially suitable for ministeries to women. Topics include a brief description of each subject. Dr. Diane Eager's topics are listed first followed by John Mackay's subjects for women groups. For approx cost to hold a CREATION RESEARCH PROGRAM click HERE

Presentations by Dr. Diane Eager
A Night with the Stars, and the One who made them
In the Beginning God made the lights in the sky to give light on the earth, and to serve mankind as signs, times and seasons.  The heavens reveal God’s power and majesty as well as his love and care for mankind.

All things Bright, Beautiful, Wise and Wonderful

In the beginning God said: "let there be light." Jesus Christ called himself the "light of the world." A look at light and colour, how we see it, and how God uses it to sustain life. 

Biology and Design
How do you recognise design?  A look at some examples of brilliant design and engineering in the living world.
Biology and Time
Time is no help to the theory of evolution.  A look at how life had to be made rapidly, and why six days is a better explanation than millions of years for the origin of life.
Bizarre Blooms and Funny Flowers
Flowers are not only beautiful, but show brilliant design and delight us in many ways.
Eden to Eternity: The Created and Re-Created Woman
A three part series suitable for a conference, retreat or seminar series.
1. The Created Woman: Made in the Image of God
2. Re-Created in Christ: Raising fallen women
3. The Resurrected Woman: Will you get culture shock in Heaven?

Eve to the Empty Tomb – Women witnesses of Christ

God promised to send an offspring of Eve to defeat Satan and bring new life for all. From Eve, the “mother of all the living”, to the women who were witnesses of Jesus’ Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

Evolution or Biblical Biology?

Examines the processes believed to produce evolution: adaptation, natural selection and mutation.  These are real processes, but do they produce evolution, or do they fit the Biblical history of the world?

Flowers and the Promise of Paradise

The human race was meant to live in a beautiful garden, but we no longer live in Paradise.  What happened, and what has God done about it?  The story of Creation, the Fall and Redemption illustrated with flowers.

From Fall to Flood to Babel and Beyond: What happened to the human race?

How the human race and the environment have gone from perfection to degeneration. An overview of Genesis 3-11, including a look at the origin of the races.

It was Very Good

A look at the world of Genesis 1 & 2 – a world of complex design and perfection, with living creatures made to multiply after their kinds, and animals made to eat plants.  Since then the world has changed, but it has not evolved. 

Origin of Life: Chemical Soup or Creator’s Word

Living cells are made out of chemicals, but chemicals alone cannot make life.  What does it really take make life?

Worms, Germs, and other Gruesome Things

If the world was created good, why is it full of things whose only function seems to be to cause harm? If you know the scriptures and are not afraid to check out the science there are answers.

Presentations by John Mackay Love Marriage
The Creation of Love and Marriage - A six part series dealing with God's creation of man, women , marriage and the family. Covers all the practical basics of how to make it work including everything a women should know about a husband. Available as MP4, MP3 download and DVD.
The Revelance of Creation - A look at the importance of creation to all christian doctrian
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