Rainbow Flag

God not GAYS gave us the rainbow. Take it back today. Repost and share the Real Rainbow flag. Reclaim the rainbow now!  

FREE USE of the picture of the Real Rainbow flag from Creation Research click to download © COPYRIGHT CREATION RESEARCH 9 2017

Real Rainbow Flag

Rainbow - a reminder of Judgement past  and a promise of God’s Judgement  to come!

GAYS all had parents of the opposite sex! Vote no to GAY marriage.

Disease warnings on GAY ... lots! US Center Disease Control https://www.cdc.gov/msmhealth/ 
Vote no to GAY marriage.

GAYDOM begins  the day you stop thanking God for creating the human body!
Aussies vote no to GAY marriage!

GAY IS BAM? Good As You means Bad As Me? Both sinners needing a Saviour Jesus Christ.

Born GAY no way! Ex LGBTers sure of it!

Fabulous research on GAY genes http://www.mygenes.co.nz/ by author with over 150 published scientific papers, research scientist Dr N Whitehead .

The Creator Christ has already said NO to GAY marriage ... Aussies do the same!

Ex GAYS share how they got out!  www.exodusinternational.org www.exodusglobalalliance.org 

OFFENSIVE? God is really offended by GAY behaviour! But He can forgive and change you ... ask Jesus Christ today.

EX AUSSIE PM ON GAY MARRIAGE http://www.truemarriageequality.com/blog/enough-is-enough.

MARRIAGE? Creator Christ  has the right to make the rules and we have no right to break them! Aussies vote against GAY marriage!

Born that way? ... murderers thieves terrorists are too is next legal move! Aussies vote for fact based family.

GOD MADE them male and femal,e is biology. A man will take a wife, not a husband, is God's legal requirement. Vote against GAY marriage!

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