CREATION RESEARCH IN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS "APPALLING". ABC TV News, 13 August 2011 broke the story and The Australian 15 August 2011, p2, continued attacking John Mackay for speaking to students at Gympie State High School. DETAILS CLICK Link to special page report which is on the PDF.

hotright_02 Exam Board rules out creationism in UK classrooms Ekklesia, UK - 24 May 2006
The question of the fossil record raised in ‘Gateway Science’ was thrown into relief by the recent visit to Britain of Australian creationist John Mackay, who sought an audience in schools and universities. Would you Adam and Eve it? Not likely!
Scotland on Sunday, UK - 14 May 2006
Mackay... has been attracting lots of attention, largely thanks to those who oppose his views, and who keep shouting at us to ignore him. We were, we were.
Creationist to visit Lancashire church
(Print edition headline: Lancs visit for man who says evolution is bunkem…) Lancashire Evening Post, UK – 9 May 2006
A controversial creationist is visiting Lancashire this week to "dismiss" the evolution theory. John Mackay will be visiting Leyland Pentecostal Church, Broad Street, to talk about the origins of the Earth as part of a UK tour. (Article is precised version of the print edition.)
sydneymh ‘Darwin's evolutionary theory is a tottering nonsense, built on too many suppositions’
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 6 May 2006
JOHN Mackay, 59, is a Queensland geologist who believes Earth to be about 6000 years old. In Australia, he's not exactly a household name. But in Britain and the United States, he's the Steve Irwin of the creationist movement - a sun-weathered fossil fan and larrikin whose way with words is proving a big hit....
churchtimes Creationists gather to convince UK
The Church Times, UK - 5 May 2006
John Mackay, a leading Australian Creationist, started a tour of the country this month. He will speak at schools and churches. Mr Mackay, whose visit will continue till the end of June, founded Creation Research, based in Brisbane.
sitelogo1 Creationist visit off
Blackpool Citizen, UK - 5 May 2006
A creationist who caused a rumpus by refusing to name the school he was due to visit says he's not disappointed' the visit has been cancelled.

Aussie media joins in as The Melbourne age reports the Crocodile Hunter of Creationism is leading the attack on Great Britain. Sydney Morning Herald followed with a full spread. The UK Guardian has given us a much more positive page after a live interview. One reader writes “Loved this quote in the UK Guardian Educational Supplement Tuesday May 2: “Talking to Mackay is a disconcerting experience”! KEN HAM has also been in the UK and reported to John Mackay "Some of the media who interviewed me also asked about you-the Telegraph thought we had planned a blitz through the country with you and us".

DR ANDY MCINTOSH AIG UK writes “I thought John came over exceptionally well and was constantly scoring confidently against Steve Jones (BBC 2). All the indications are of a gathering storm of opposition ahead.”

? THE NOTABLE EXCEPTION –guess what portion of the media has ignored this UK visit? Did you guess the Christian media- So far no requests from their publications for interviews –none for most Christian /Church Radio stations. The Church in the UK –even the evangelical one long ago compromised on this issue or just let it go as irrelevant –and then they complain about church numbers dropping . The 2 factors are connected. What people to come to get saved and come to church-you have to have something positive to give them –like a bible that actually can be trusted as Gods word and can be understood by the ordinary person, and a Saviour Jesus who really did create the world and really did die and rise form the dead. Pray for us as we proclaim the whole of Gods truth to the nation and around the world. The commonest questions on this trip have been “But the Arch Bishop Says…”, and “How can you believe in six literal days and 6000 yrs?” Great opportunities.
education Six-day wonder Guardian UK - 1 May 2006
Talking to Mackay is a disconcerting experience, as almost every scientific dictum you've learnt is systematically rubbished; virtually the whole canon of 19th- and 20th-century scientific thought, starting with Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology, is dismissed as an atheist conspiracy to write God out of history.


Creationist on a dinkum crusade The Age, Australia - 29 Apr 2006
"A lot of the interest now has been generated by the humanist groups, who don't like me being here, and stir up stories," he said, when The Sunday Age found him on Thursday night at the barbed-wire-enclosed Kings Church in Birkenhead, Liverpool's notoriously rough neighbour.


Schools minister says creationism has no place in classroom science. Ekklesia, UK - 28 Apr 2006
John Mackay, a US figure associated with creationism, has also been speaking in British schools and colleges this month.
teslogo Alarmed head axes creation lecture TES, UK - 27 Apr 2006
It would have been the second time Mr Mackay had spoken at the school following a talk to religious education pupils during a previous visit to the UK.
physorg_logo Creationism flap stirred in Britain, VA - Apr 24, 2006
Australian geologist John Mackay, a well known creationist, Monday started a controversial speaking tour of British secondary schools and universities. ...
daily-post Preacher in a storm
Daily Post, NorthWales, UK - 24 Apr 2006
A CONTROVERSIAL Australian preacher who has been described as "extreme" is to stage a training camp for children as young as five in mid Wales.
13875 Storm brews over preacher's training school
Wales on Sunday, United Kingdom - 23 Apr 2006
John Mackay... faces potentially fierce protests from groups accusing the Australian of trying to "brainwash" children and even "intellectual child abuse".
logo-london Creationist descends on Britain to take debate on evolution into the classroom The Independent - 21 Apr 2006
A leading creationist who claims to use science to prove the Bible's version of how the Earth was made begins a controversial tour of Britain today.
 telegraph Creationism gathers strength, United Kingdom - 21 Apr 2006
... The conference has coincided with a tour of schools and universities by another leading creationist, John Mackay, an Australian geologist who claims that ...


Evolution should be taught as fact, says top scientist
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 21 Apr 2006
... His comments came the week before prominent creationist speaker John Mackay, a former science teacher from Queensland, is due to tour halls and chapels in the ...
logo_spiked The creation of a phantom enemy
Spiked, UK - 20 Apr 2006
... Meanwhile, the arrival of John Mackay, an Australian creationist, on British shores prompted a full-page article in the Guardian (1). ...


Star of creationist circuit flies in hoping to stir the faithful ...
The Guardian, UK - 18 Apr 2006
Next week, an Australian will jet into Heathrow for a lecture tour that will gladden the hearts of the small but dauntless band of British creationists, believers in the biblical account of the origins of the world. John Mackay, a former science teacher from Queensland....


We believe in ET, not ID The Guardian, UK - 18 Apr 2006
... basis of ID is that nature is too intricate to have been built bottom-up by natural processes - as British creationists will hear from John Mackay, a former ...


Creationists target schools and universities in Britain
Ekklesia, UK - 10 Apr 2006
John Mackay, an Australian geologist who makes contested claims that the Earth's crust provides evidence for the biblical flood described in the book of Genesis, will tour the UK this month.
observer_header Creationist to tour UK universities The Observer – 9 April 2006
A leading member of the controversial creationist movement who claims to use science to dismiss evolution is to visit Britain on a lecture tour that will include several schools and universities.


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