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A Message from Indiana Joe Hubbard. Ten years ago, I placed a fossil on a display shelf in my family home, with a God-given vision that one day that shelf would grow into the UK Creation Research Museum. Now that time has come, the LORD has provided, and thanks to all your support, we have our first official home for the Creation Research Centre.

This building, previously a retail showroom, consisting of two storeys with separate offices and a courtyard, is located in the centre of Oswestry, just off the high-street, and next to plenty of parking.


We need your support! This has been a big step of faith for us as COVID has left the ministry fund-limited, and obtaining the building is just one small part of a massive project. The UK-based Creation Research Trust is committed to supporting this project so $upport the Trust – it’s a tax-efficient way of supporting the Museum Project in the UK. 

Local volunteers needed now. Contact Joseph at

See Archaeology Gains HERE.

Donations are also possible through both our UK and International websites – by supporting one Creation Research group, you are supporting them all! DONATE UK or DONATE HQ