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ONE DELIVERED SIX TO GO Fossil Cover Sheds – Jurassic Ark – Remember the destruction the 2011 floods caused to our fossil flood log jam site – now after proving there are thousands of fossil logs still underground – we are proceeding with constructing protective sheds over the site and we need your help. We’ve had an engineer on site evaluating how to build these. Costs work out at roughly $10,000 per hundred square metres. Total number of covers needed is seven.

UK NEED ..Special thanks for new UK van support. £5,000 donated to date, £7,000 to go. Tax deductible UK.

RAIN NEEDED OZ. 10 years ago we were praying for dry, now our Jurassic Ark site is in a rain shadow. Our dam is less than one third full. Water is needed to keep our 10 ha of Biblical Botanic Gardens alive. Even though crowds are still not back to normal post Covid – the plants need to drink every day while this hot weather continues. Pray much for several hundred mls of rain with thanks.

ROSE GARDEN COMING DOWNUNDER. This issue’s article about green roses is about a plant that joins our current very few roses at Jurassic Ark. Coming up is a wonderful, beautiful, aromatic and spectacular rose flower garden ..yes along with their thorns part of explaining the real history of plants and the result of man exercising God given dominion in breeding. Pray and donate as we expand our ‘Separate Kind’ gardens particularly for upper high school students. Anyone wishing to donate particular types of rose (Disease-free please) contact Daryl phone 0418 474 792.

TV COMING AGAIN. THE HARSH UK SHUTDOWN means we will be resurrecting our 2020 weekly TV show starting March. It looks like Joseph and our whole UK team will be locked in until at least middle of July and even though our Aussie team are more free to travel within Australia, we cannot yet move outside the country. So back to our Zoom television program and thank you for your support of the first series 2020 which was incredibly successful and again will be led by Joseph, Sarah Ann, Katie, John and Ben.

GLOBAL WORMING! YES! You read that correctly – it’s time to install new lucerne hay bales in each of the gardens at Jurassic Ark to revitalise our worm colonies. We do this every 18 months or so and it has made a wonderful difference to our clay rich sandy soil, as we turn it into a fabulous botanical Gardens. We don’t normally buy lucerne hay as it is very expensive, but we have discovered they’re the best for actually getting worm colonies activated. They then do their thing underneath the ground which will then spread out and enrich the ground greatly.

FIRST LESSON FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR (March 1) was on worms – how they work – God’s genius in worms and the fossil evidence – all squishy, squashy, mucky and yucky – kids loved it. Pray as we continue to turn Jurassic Ark into a really exciting teaching site for Jesus. Second school request also arrived.

STAFF AND HELPERS John, Anne, Sharon, Ben, Daryl, Diane, Craig, Joseph and Sarah Ann depend on your donations to achieve their part of the ministry.

STORAGE CONTAINERS. As the amount of equipment being used at Jurassic Ark increases, we are in need of a large shipping container on site. Estimated cost $3,000.

RESEARCH INTO COAL, OIL & GAS and fossil formation is proceeding like a house on fire as Covid shutdown gives us time to catch up on research. Our surprising results have been circulated to quite a few professors. Get behind these research efforts with prayer and support. More details on any of these at, or contact John at or Daryl at    DONATE NOW


COMPUTERS REPLACED. Dr Diane Eager’s laptop was approaching IT dinosaur age and needed to be replaced, as the screen was become unreadable. Also, one of our UK computers crashed. Both of these now replaced, with many thanks for generous donations.

SUPPORT CREATION RESEARCH (donations to the UK and USA are tax deductible) DONATE NOW