DR DIANE EAGER’S OLD MINISTRY LAPTOP is approaching dinosaur age in IT terms, and we do need to replace it as the screen is basically no longer readable. Estimated cost $2000.

UK MINISTRY NEED. You may remember we purchased a UK Van several years ago for £5000 to save money hiring vehicles for John’s two month UK ministry tours, and it certainly has saved us way more than we paid for it. The mechanic now says the conked out engine requires at least £3000 to repair. We’ve basically concluded it’s probably better to trade up. We value your prayers for wisdom and obviously the finance, as the UK ministry is slowly re- beginning to take off (post Covid). DONATE NOW 

NEEDED ONE YOUNG MAN, called of the Lord Jesus to minister in Creation Research. Qualifications: 1. Is saved; 2. Serves Christ as Lord daily; 3. Knows the Word of God; 4. Has a gift of speaking and teaching; 5. Has an expertise in either geology or biology; 6. Comes with a commendation from his local church. Apply direct to John Mackay on

FOSSIL COVER SHEDS – JURASSIC ARK – You may remember the destruction the 2011 floods caused to our fossil flood log jam site – now after proving there are thousands of fossil logs still underground – we are proceeding with constructing protective sheds over the site and we need your help. We’ve had an engineer on site evaluating how to build these. Costs work out at roughly $10,000 per hundred square metres. Total number of covers needed is seven. DONATE NOW 

STORAGE CONTAINER As the amount of equipment being used at Jurassic Ark increases, we are in need of a large shipping container on site. Estimated cost $3000.

JURASSIC ARK has been a major Covid expense with gardens, experiments, displays, staff etc. to be maintained. Help appreciated with all overhead costs. Small groups now OK.

STAFF AND HELPERS WHO NEED YOUR SUPPORT: John, Anne, Sharon, Ben, Daryl, Diane, Joseph and Sarah depend on your donations.

RESEARCH INTO RAPID COAL OIL, GAS and fossil formation is proceeding like a house on fire as Covid shutdown gives us time to catch up on research. Our surprising results have been circulated to quite a few professors. Get behind these research efforts with prayer and support. More details for any of these contact John at See them October 10th.


More details contact John at or Daryl at


NEW SCHOOL MATERIALS PRODUCED as a 3 part series of MP4’s completed so you can share the exciting and debate winning things God has taught us on how anyone can recognise God’s creation! Vital for homeschool, public school, and uni students, as well as church youth groups. Available on shop Mp4s

VIRTUAL OUTREACH SUCCESS through one or two Facebook videos daily. Lots of prep time. Some reach over 100,000 people who view them in full, and 30 to 40,000 new viewers on average each week (many unbelievers). Your help with costs appreciated. VIEW FREE on Facebook Creation Research.

7th CHILDREN’S BOOK PRINTED – “Adam and Eve and the Two Bites”. A real help for kids to understand the seriousness of sin and the joy of a Saviour.

YOUTUBE TV SUCCESS as our UK and the Aussie teams combined to produce a half hour program each week during Covid lockdown. Pray for production teams Ben and John in OZ, and Joseph, Sarah and Katie in the UK.

CRASHED UK COMPUTER has been replaced and so have funds – with much thanks.

NOW MULCHED – JURASSIC ARK – A real help in both drought and flood protection. Jurassic Ark is all about showing people how silly it is to think you can have gardens without plants and plants without gardens. Mulch is a classic example of God’s design.