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Our DINOSAUR FOSSIL COLLECTION will show you some of the spectacular specimens we have been able to gather as John Mackay and team have searched the globe, digging, swapping and buying, as they collected the best evidence possible of God’s genius as Creator and His power as Judge.

DR ANDY McINTOSH, UK Professor Leeds University stated, when he saw some of our display fossils at our conference: “These are world class. I haven’t seen many things like this, even in top museums.

See just a selection from our Collection below.

Guanlong Wucaii’s skeleton cast was installed at our Jurassic Ark project. Guanlong is Chinese for crested dragon, and he makes a great teaching tool at our Jurassic Ark fossil log jam and the kids love it. Despite the fact that he is often shown with purple feathers, we have checked the original finds and can discern no real evidence Guanlong or any other dinosaur had feathers. As we said to our artist who did the mural … science is an art form where theory often drives the facts, and in this case the evolutionist fantasy that birds had to evolve from dinosaurs overrides the obvious lack of feathers on any dinosaur.

Guanlong Wucaii is joined by a great Mural (above) showing the flood waters just about to entomb him in mud and a huge log debris pile. Lots of school kids get to see the mural and Guanlong skeleton st Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark.

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So far they have been found only in south Africa (Namibia), and Eastern South America (Brazil, Uraguay and Paraguay). Most commercial specimens come from the Irati formation, Sao Mateus del Sol, in Brazil. Three Mesosaurs are part of our Creation Research collection. They are extremely well preserved and two of them are entwined in death.Click for MESOSAUR SLIDE SHOW

NEW-A-SAURUS ARRIVES as we display our new Queensland Dinosaur Minmi. What’s important about Minmi is that it was preserved with gut contents intact. Because the internal organs were preserved we know it was a vegetarian. This great model has been added to our Jurassic Ark museum exhibit, because kids love dinosaurs. Technically Minmi belongs to Aussie rock layers called Cretaceous, meaning chalky. Continue to support these great new museum projects.

Praise the Lord Jesus with us.

AUSSIE DINO DINED on fruits and ferns. We know this, because the stomach contents were fossilised in an Anklyosaur discovered in Queensland, Australia. The Dinosaur was so well preserved much of its skin was also intact. This Australian land dwelling, vegetarian dinosaur is one of the most complete skeletons of its type found in the world.

Archaeopteryx Dinosaur Fossil. Archaeopteryx is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs that is transitional between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds.

My broken dinosaur bone has a lot of clues that I died after Adam’s sin. Not only because I’m dead, and death came with Adam, but because God made the world very good, and if you know anything about bones, you should have noticed that inside my long bone, there are round cavities, which are produced by nasty tumours. I’m one of the dinosaur bones John Mackay found on the border of USA and Canada many years ago, and he’s only just got around to restoring me as a whole bone. A collapsing roof of his storage shed smashed me and I needed lots of restoring, so good old John put me back together again – here’s one bone restored. The evidence shows I’m a dinosaur who died, but that I died in a world that was no longer very good. Tumours in your bones are a real pain!
Now here’s what John Mackay says: The importance of these observations – the Christians who think God made the dinosaurs using evolution and they lived for millions of years and died out long before man evolved, couldn’t insult God more, because He tells us He made the world good, and that meant no disease, no tumours. All the things that are not good came into existence only after man sinned. But that’s the real issue – we don’t like having the Creator Owner God tell us what sin is and that it can only be fixed through Jesus. This whole Evolution vs Creation issue is not really about the science – it’s about the authority of the universe owning God and His Word, and the nature and person of the One and only way back to the Father is the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.
FLOOD DEPOSITED TRICERATOPS FOR SURE as we find fossil figs, and sequoia leaves, plus fossil trees mostly laid down NW-SE, as was the Triceratops Dinosaur excavated on the RESEARCH DIG in Montana USA. Figs and sequoia don’t grow together today, so it indicates the water which deposited the material collected across a wide area. Since figs and sequoia are still here, the evidence is no help to evolution either.

DINOSAUR FEET DID THIS? We brought back from a trip to Lightening Ridge a plate of dinosaur footprints (above) from a dinosaur that everyone has concluded was swimming. Since dinosaurs are a well known land creature, and since the footprints are found with opalized clams etc., this is again evidence of flood based deposition on a huge scale. YOUR HELP NEEDED NOW WITH CREATION RESEARCH MUSEUM DONATE NOW Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA.

JURASSIC DINOSAUR FINDS as Vance Nelson and John Mackay spent time excavating these great fossils on dig. Finding the dinosaur footprints was the hard part with much shifting of heavy layers. Then came the easy part – a generator and rock saw to cut out the blocks. Vance has donated his finds to our museum. Open day crowds were thrilled to see these genuine finds and to discover that the word Jurassic has nothing to do with millions of years or the evolution of dinosaurs but refers to rocks that look like those in the Jura Mts of Southern Germany.

See Solnhoffen area report 1 and report 2

To see more of our Fabulous Museum Gains click MUSEUM GAINS collection