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Land Plant Fossil in Radioactive Sea Bed.  Click for more Fossil First Reports FOSSIL FIRST REPORTS 

Following our discovery of land plants in Pennsylvanian limestones near Crossville USA by our team (photo left), and then the more recent uncovering of similar land plants lower down the geologic column in Mississippian limestones by Marilyn Powell (photos below), we are pleased to announce yet another new plant fossil specimen discovered by John Mackay in the lower part of the Devonian Chatanooga shales in Kentucky.
These plants were in a radioactive shale found across Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, USA. We have now traced these shales into Scotland, UK as well, as part of our investigation of the worldwide consequences of Creation and the Flood. Exciting, isn’t it! Be part of it today.Our field research is vital in showing that the evolutionary mindset is actually detrimental to real geology. Geologists will benefit mankind much more, when they swap to the Creation, Fall, Noah’s Flood picture which God’s Word gives us about God’s world.

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