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Our fabulous Fossil Trees Collection is world class and are collected from around the world by The Creation Guy John Mackay and the Creation Research Team make it so obvious to the layman so they have no trouble seeing the truth of God’s work in God’s world. Bookmark this page for further reports.

Also see POLYSTRATE TREE EXPERIMENTS. 3 videos of how trees behave when they sink plus the Evidence from POLYSTRATE FOSSILS SLIDE SHOW
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The fossil palm specimen from Jurassic rocks is one of our acquisitions. It has been beautifully polished yet is still obviously visible as a section from the trunk of a palm tree … just turned to stone. 

Giant Horsetail Rush specimen. These plants are extinct in Australia although mini – horsetail rushes (left hand side) live in the Northern Hemisphere. The fossils show they used to be up to 100 feet or 30m tall. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us carry many specimens up cliffs, so they could be put into the Creation Research Mega Museum. Keep praying and keep supporting.

To see more of our Fabulous Museum Gains click MUSEUM GAINS collection