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We are truly grateful for the great number of specimens gained for the Museum project see our collection of Jurassic dinosaur footprints below also our Aussie Creation Museum Dinosaur Walk. It’s a copy of the Winton dinosaur tracks, famous for being a supposed dinosaur stampede and which certainly does a great job in attracting tourists. Visit Jurassic Ark.

Our team of 5 guys spent several days laying down our latest attraction at the Jurassic Ark Museum. he problem is, they never let people know that the footprints of the big dinosaur are now claimed to be those of a vegetarian. Having a savage big one chasing little ones to kill and eat them brings more tourist dollars. But the log drag marks replicated in our dinosaur trackway are a sure indicator that everything was running from a very quickly following flood wave full of trees and sticks, that were not only going to quickly bury their footprints and preserve them, but also frighten the daylights out of dinosaurs big and small who fled like crazy to escape.

Made in wet limestone mud that had just formed and was covered by another layer very rapidly.

DINOSAUR FEET DID THIS? We brought back from a trip to Lightening Ridge a plate of dinosaur footprints (above) from a dinosaur that everyone has concluded was swimming. Since dinosaurs are a well known land creature, and since the footprints are found with opalized clams etc., this is again evidence of flood based deposition on a huge scale. YOUR HELP NEEDED NOW WITH CREATION RESEARCH MUSEUM DONATE NOW Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA.

JURASSIC DINOSAUR FINDS as Vance Nelson and John Mackay spent time excavating these great fossils on dig. Finding the dinosaur footprints was the hard part with much shifting of heavy layers. Then came the easy part – a generator and rock saw to cut out the blocks. Vance has donated his finds to our museum. Open day crowds were thrilled to see these genuine finds and to discover that the word Jurassic has nothing to do with millions of years or the evolution of dinosaurs but refers to rocks that look like those in the Jura Mts of Southern Germany.

See Solnhoffen area report 1 and report 2