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Our METOPOSAUR Giant Fossil Salamander will show you some of the spectacular specimens we have been able to gather as John Mackay and team have searched the globe, digging, swapping and buying, as they collected the best evidence possible of God’s genius as Creator and His power as Judge.

METOPOSAUR Giant Fossil Salamander. Well known fossil finder Joe Taylor, brought us a giant salamander fossil he discovered. It is on display for the first time at Jurassic Ark near Gympie. Joe Taylor is an artist/fossil excavator/master fossil caster, with a fabulous testimony of Jesus saving him.

Giant fossil salamanders grew up to 3m long (10′) and were a hundred times as big as most modern salamanders, and twice as big as the largest living one. Diagram shows scale compared to a modern human.

Evolutionists try to explain that so many giant salamander fossils are found buried together perhaps because large numbers were slowly dying in and around ever shrinking drought afflicted swamps. They conveniently forget to ask ‘how did they also get covered with up to 100m, (300ft) of the same red mud in Texas, Russia and India? They also ignore the fact we can observe swamps drying up today, where many creatures die, but never fossilise, due to either scavengers, biological or chemical activity. So the only way to be a well preserved fossil is to be buried rapidly and deeply, and global salamander mass graveyards definitely do point to a flood based global catastrophe as in Noah’s day.

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