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Our MIXED FOSSIL COLLECTION will show you some of the spectacular specimens we have been able to gather as John Mackay and team have searched the globe, digging, swapping and buying, as they collected the best evidence possible of God’s genius as Creator and His power as Judge.

DR ANDY McINTOSH, UK Professor Leeds University stated, when he saw some of our display fossils at our conference: “These are world class. I haven’t seen many things like this, even in top museums.

See just a selection from our Mixed Collection below.

You’re quite right – it’s no help to evolutionists, and wonderful support for God creating frogs ‘after their own kind’, as well as proving this frog was buried rapidly. How many museums have you seen one in? Our collections are world class, so keep praying for the right final venue. Get behind the museum project now.

OUR MUSEUM collection expands yet again as Fossil Crocodile added. What the specimen wonderfully does, is show God told us the truth in Genesis that He created things after their own kind; whether they were water creatures made on Day 5, plants made on Day 3 or land creatures made on Day 6. This fossil crocodile is wonderful evidence God’s Word is true.

MEGA SPECIMEN for the Creation Research Mega Museum – a giant wombat-like diprotodont found between Toowoomba and Cecil Plains. We have collected fossils from this property for many years, and you may remember it is the site where we got the giant kangaroo a few years ago. Pictured is Wayne Ritter with the fossil he found and donated to the Creation Research Mega Museum. If you have any fossils you would like to donate to Creation Research, please contact us at or phone (07) 3206 4467. Fossils big or small or any specimen relevant to creation, Noah or the Tower of Babel – now’s the time to donate them!

MAGNIFICENT JURASSIC LONG CLIPPERED FOSSIL member of the shrimp family from the Solnhoffen Jurassic rock of Germany, is part of our increasingly spectacular collection to match our Jurassic Ark display in Gympie.

See magnificent cluster of graptolites, which are in our Creation Research Museum. Graptolites seem to be extinct, and seem to have been like a floating coral. They are usually named depending on how many “arms” they have. Monograps have one arm – digraps have two etc

WEB MUSEUM COLLECTION EXPANDS as John Mackay (pictured) found this fossil footprint in rocks that came from a huge cliff fall (behind him). We were able to find the second part of the rock, so we now have several large footprints, but the rest of the trail seems to be in a layer about 10m (30+ feet) above where the cliff had collapsed. These rocks are regarded as Carboniferous by the secular world, but they are definite evidence a large-footed creature was ploughing through a muddy wet bottom. These footprints were rapidly filled in and preserved by sediment quickly forming on top. Another huge boulder contained thousands of tiny footprints (pictured below) in rapid helter-skelter pattern as if frightened. The photography for all these will end up on our web museum, so that students can go around the world in pictures and see what the evidence actually is for themselves. The one thing that has always been true of Christianity as distinct from every other religion on the planet, is well put by the apostle Luke at the start of his gospel.

“Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word; It seemed good to me also, having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first, to write unto you in order, most excellent Theophilus, That you might know the certainty of those things, wherein you have been instructed.” Luke 1:1-4

Christianity is a fact based faith, and not an imaginary one. It’s important to remember this when debating with atheists such as Dawkins, and unbelievers, whose definition of faith is based on their own faith which is based on nothing and about nothing and which by blind faith they hope they can get away with. In other words faith to Dawkins and his colleagues is something which is simply made up. Christian faith is exactly the opposite.

Mammoth Tooth Find as donor makes available an inheritance that will continue to bless. No not money, but an old friend’s fossil collection. Included was this mammoth tooth amongst others.There is no doubt the Lord is adding to our collections, so pray about continuing support for our Museum projects that they may be full of the rock solid evidence that glorifies Christ as Creator and reminds visitors that judgement is according to his Word and Salvation only through Him.


THESE OPAL FOSSIL SHELLS from Outback Australia were found buried with dinosaur bones, and many other land creatures, and are therefore wonderful evidence of rapid catastrophic flooding. Since everybody recognises them as identical to present day clam or pippy type shells, they are also wonderful evidence against Darwin’s evolution of species and applauding God as the Creator of separate kinds. These opal shells are easy to carry around and great for use in schools, as well as being spectacularly beautiful.



We found hordes of fossil shells on our GREAT ORME FIELD TRIP (above) which were easy to identify as brachiopods because brachiopods are still on the planet today, so no evidence for evolution here. But what amazes most people is the abundance of types of fossil brachiopod shells. In today’s world there are only a handful of brachiopod species alive on the planet but there used to be hundreds. No evidence for evolution but plenty for degeneration and extinction. Now in our museum.

Pray for us as Creation Research collects the evidence worldwide and shows young and old alike that the rocks cry out the praises of God – and never supports Charles Darwin, David Attenborough or government high school curriculums. Your help is needed with all the research costs in choosing research places, sussing sites beforehand to make sure people can see and spot easily the real evidence, as well as collecting and storing the vast museum displays we are assembling. DONATE NOW 


It doesn’t look much but it’s a fabulous specimen, beautifully polished and it is now claimed to be the oldest known fossil of its type on the entire planet. Despite the evolutionist’s exaggerated claim of 3.43 billions of years old, they are really arguing that these creatures (found still living in Shark Bay WA, and in lakes near Michigan USA) have not evolved at all. Stromatolites, or Algal mat type creatures, are the same today as they have always been. We now have many species and varieties from all across the world’s rock record to display the entire planned history of this living fossil group. They are wonderful evidence God really did create creatures after their kind.


The Nautilus Sea Shell Fossil illustrate evolution’s biggest weakness: the evidence doesn’t show it ever happened. The Nautilus slap Darwin’s face. The rock record is full of living fossils which show that creatures have produced their own kind as God said.

We need your continued help to fund this project which will make fabulous finds instantly accessible to students worldwide.
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None of the above, is thrilling to evolutionists, and all the above are firsts for Creation Research. They are not previously recorded in any literature we  have been able to extract from the Tennessee Geology Division. We’re now working on correlating flow direction of these plants with flow direction of fossil trees in Pennsylvanian rocks. Watch for further details.

Your funding enables our research. DONATE NOW Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA.

The flow direction of these plants is similar to the direction of fossil plants we found a number of years ago at Crossville Tennessee, in rocks which are (theoretically) 30 or so million years higher up the Geological column in Upper Mississippian Bangor limestone and roughly 100 miles away. Our new evidence indicates the current was from one flood event which mixed land plants and sea creatures together.  

OUT OF PLACE FANTASTIC FOSSIL FIND giant land dwelling Horsetail Rush fossil with a sea dwelling Scallop shell or Pecten embedded. Discovered by John Mackay, these mixed fossils are great evidence of a flood deposit that mixed both land and sea creatures, then buried them rapidly. Pecten and horsetails still exist today so the find also proves the creatures have not evolved. They have produced their own kind as God’s Word said He created them to do.

We now have hundreds of specimens.  We researched coastal rocks of Saltburn, UK and discovered a fossil sea shell embedded in a fossil land plant. The photo (above) shows a portion of a shell. 

Specimens like this from around the globe making ours one of the best fossil collections in the southern hemisphere. It has taken a long time, but now is the time to put them on display and we need your financial support DONATE NOW 

GIANTS FOR WEB MUSEUM as research in Nova Scotia uncovered Giant Spores (below) and Giant Spore Cones (above). These specimens are from a plant family which still exist today, but the spores which were the size of raindrops in the early creation are now microscopic, and the cones which were originally hand sized are so tiny today the average person never even sees them. It again adds more evidence for the Biblical pattern of degeneration following man’s sin and rebellion against the Creator as being the real history of the world.

Leave and Fish Fossil in Wollemi Pine Slab (above). For more details click Wollemi Pine

To see more of our Fabulous Museum Gains click MUSEUM GAINS collection