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We gained a great opportunity in New Zealand, as a pleasure trip turned into a research project, and showed us how challenging it is when you ask each day for God’s leading in your life.
John and Anne Mackay were doing ministry PR with families on the South Island of New Zealand over January, when on their way back from one venue, we passed what seemed to be an abandoned quarry, with a small coal seam. But the entry gate was locked. I shared this “coal” find with our next host who informed us he knew one of the men that worked there. So after a quick phone call we discovered: ‘Yes’ the whole quarry team had been shifted for three months, and ‘No’ the quarry would not be working, so ‘Yes’ we could access with no trouble, provided we wore hard hats, hi-vis vests and metal tipped boots. End result – the photographs above! Mostly we are told coal supposedly took millions of years to form from a swamp. But this find shows beautifully bedded coal with white volcanic clay layers full of minute coal seams. PLUS we have seashells in the seams – brachiopods and clams, as well as land plants. Not exactly what you’d expect from a swamp. Brachiopods are still living in the ocean, which is how we know these shells are fossil brachiopods. But mixing seashells and clams together with land plants is definite evidence of a flood. MORE INFORMATION: click Q&A then search coal, flood, mixed environment, and for 18 years of archives evidence articles.YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF OUR RESEARCH IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. WEB GIVE click (tax deductible in the USA and UK) DONATE NOW