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Keep Praying for our Our Flood Research and Fossil Collection worldwide as we expose the errors of evolutionists. Our personally collected fossils (right) are very useful, particularly in the schools and colleges where it has proven a great plus in convincing students about creation, when we have such local knowledge. DONATE NOW

GIANT ROO FOSSIL FIND As Monday 5th May phone call from supporting farmers Rob and Gavin who had been digging a farm dam to take advantage of the current drought, reported they had spotted a fossil. “Could we come and look at it?” Two days later plus much sunburn and aching muscles and after voluminous quantities of glue – we have a marvellous new addition to our web museum. YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT MAKES OUR RESEARCH POSSIBLE DONATE NOW 

This giant fossil roo is not only a reminder that the climate of the Darling Downs was once better, being both warmer and wetter, and having much more lush vegetation, but that the history of kangaroos is the opposite of evolution. Since this fossil was buried, kangaroos have devolved or degenerated. Some groups are sadly on the edge of extinction.

1. Discovery Site and hard work begins as trench is carefully dug around skeleton.


2. Skeleton is carefully subdivided into numbered grids for photographic reference and specimen labelling.


3. Team works on large leg bone in preparation for it’s removal . Flags are numbered pegs and indicate center line of excavation which run roughly north/south.


4. Large bones are prepared for removal intact if possible. Where bone has been crushed by weight of material over it (or dozer) it was a jig saw puzzle without a picture, but with much glue.