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Keep Praying for our Our Flood Research and Fossil Collection worldwide as we expose the errors of evolutionists. Our personally collected fossils (right) are very useful, particularly in the schools and colleges where it has proven a great plus in convincing students about creation, when we have such local knowledge.

Caleb Rowe above (left) was on our field trip near Chattanooga Tennessee when we passed a new cliff fall. WOW..what great finds we made in the next two days and yes we did get a permit from the Parks department to excavate so we could collect it for our museum with no problems. Caleb’s hand is resting on a giant fossil plant which is a reminder of just how far the planet has fallen and how evolution is so far from the truth it is laughable. Close up on (below left) shows the fantastic detail preserved in the fossil. Rapid burial for sure.

A simple clue to how long a plant took to be preserved shows in the preservation of straight edges un-eaten by bacteria or worms etc. Our team worldwide has been working on these same beds across the globe, as they stretch from south of Perth in West Australia through the USA, out of Canada in Nova Scotia, smack through the middle of England and Scotland into Germany and keep going. All are proving to be rapid flood deposits and the picture of global flood catastrophe puts the lie to the oft claim there is no evidence for Noah’s flood.

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