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GERMAN RESEARCH ON FLOOD FOSSILS in the original Jura has been unbelievably beneficial. New finds of sea shells embedded in land  plants, coal with deep sea ammonites and more. It is your funds  that make it possible to beat the evolutionist millions of years of slow deposition that so destroy the confidence of many in God’s Word. Help  more! DONATE NOW 

The Solnhofen rocks are fine grained shaley limestones with some thicker beds of lime stone. Many quarries are found in this region which has been worked for centuries. John Mackay (right) is shown starting the collection.


John Mackay with great fossil find of soft bodied jelly fish like creature which needs further research. A significant number of fossil Jelly fish have been found in the region which are great evidence of rapid deposition, since jellies have no hard parts and in today’s world they melt quickly out of water.


Fine bedding is very evident in this section.


Each set of fine layers unfolds like the pages of a book and some are even as thin as paper.


More of the beautiful floating crinoids prettily coloured by iron. Crinoids today are found of the coast of Australia and are attached by stems to the ocean floor.


A beautiful Museum specimen of a Dragonfly fossil found buried with floating crinoids. The museum at Solnhofen is really worth a visit and staff we encountered are friendly and cooperative. Solnhofen is a classic example of a mixed environment of fossils with birds, lizards, land plants, fish, shells, reptiles, sharks, deep sea and shallow water creatures all rapidly buried.


A cycad leaf, easy to recognize as John Mackay still has cycads growing in his back yard in Australia. No help for evolution here. It also adds to the picture of catastrophic deposition as the water had to collect these from off the plants which are not noted for dropping their leaves.- and we are back to flood conditions.


One reason for the fame of Solnhofen is the magnificent tiles that have been sent around the world since the days of the Romans. The beautiful dendrites which look like magnificent ferns are really pseudo fossils made by chemicals such as iron and manganese leaking in through tiny cracks and precipitating in these plant like dendrites.

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