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GERMAN RESEARCH ON FLOOD FOSSILS. Great finds of sea shells embedded in land  plants, coal with deep sea ammonites and more. It is your funds  that make it possible to beat the evolutionist millions of years of slow  deposition that so destroy the confidence of many in God’s Word. DONATE NOW 

1. Note the giant horsetail rush left  (landplant), plus ammonite(seashell)

2. Same tree..1/3 metre down trunk not coal on left and  mussel shell.

3. Note different tree with shell impressions on it plus coal.

4. MYSTERY fossil with apparent claw? Much cleaning up to be  done yet. Any suggestions?..Best suggestion from here today is ‘croc vomit’ with animal bits in it.

5. SQUID 1/2 with muscle fibres still showing.

We have now land plants /sea critters (including Jelly  fish) from all locations we have dug in Jurassic rocks in Germany These fossils  are definitely flood deposited which means they were buried rapidly. Most  plants are Southern conifers such as Araucarian or reed like Giant  Horsetails.  Southern conifers still grow  in Australia and our Jurassic Ark museum site has fossils of them.

From Solnhofen Germany, is a lovely deep sea Nautiliod buried with a Southern Conifer – again a land plant and a deep sea creature equals flood deposit.

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