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Keep Praying for our Our Flood Research and Fossil Collection worldwide as we expose the errors of evolutionists. Our personally collected fossils are very useful, particularly in the schools and colleges where it has proven a great plus in convincing students about creation, when we have such local knowledge. Visit Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark

WHEN A STUDENT GROUP heard their metal prodder clink, they imagined a new big log find, but found instead a big sharp boulder (1 below left). From the heights of thrill, to the depths of dismay in ten seconds flat, but were suddenly re-energised when told this was a really important find. What they had found was a huge rock – evidence of a really fast flood current because logs float, and rocks sink. Especially when found in the same bed as a huge petrified smashed pine tree (4 above left). This new student find is at least a third of a metre thick (2 & 3  left). We don’t yet know how deep this rock goes – but it does prove the water was chaotic, and it’s further proof that our Jurassic Ark fossil flood logjam really is a Flood cataclysm.

A FIRST FOR JURASSIC ARK as one High School science student obtained permission from his school to do Work Experience with us during May at Creation Research. We had a great time excavating flood evidence, and he was really thrilled at finding many new fossil logs mixed with large boulders (below right), and one that had been warped under another (below left). Pray that even more students will be permitted to come and join us so they can gain a God’s Eye view of the history of the world. Our work with science students is vital to evangelising them for Christ.