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Keep Praying for our Our Flood Research and Fossil Collection worldwide as we expose the errors of evolutionists. Our personally collected fossils are very useful, particularly in the schools and colleges where it has proven a great plus in convincing students about creation, when we have such local knowledge. Visit Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark

We noticed one stalagmite growing rapidly under the longest stalactite on our first machine. Three days later, there was one leaf glued to the mite top. Each day since it has gained more lime and eventually it will disappear and become part of the stalagmite, AKA a genuine fossil.

Answer – time never petrifies a teddy bear – lime will! That’s the whole point of our row of teddy bears under our dripping stalactite at Jurassic Ark. So far we have managed to “per-mineralise“ balls of wool, as well as teddys and other objects. There is nothing new in this – it was used as a tourist attraction in Victorian times before they had TV or Google. You can still visit places like mother Shipton’s cave, but most people have forgotten about this. Hence they so easily fall for the lie that rocks and fossils formed slowly and long slow evolution is possible.

Time never makes fossils or petrifies teddy bears. The right process is what you need. When you have the right process, time becomes one of the least significant factors. Thank you for supporting our experiment with the stalactite machine at Jurassic Ark. They make a tremendous impression on teachers and students and the general public alike.