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On his last trip to one of our popular coal sites near Spencer in Tennessee, John Mackay found an unusual fossil in the coal strata. The normal coal story is that it formed slowly in a swamp, as plants fell, were buried and turned into coal over millions of years.

The fossil shown in the picture (top 1) has now been positively identified as a horseshoe crab – a creature from the sea, not a swamp creature at all! Yet it’s buried with many beautifully preserved intriguing land creatures including polystrate trees (2 below) that go through several coal seams, plus polystrate ferns (3 & 4 below) as well as fossil amphibian (?) footprints (5 below), one brachiopod (sea shell), and the lot together point to a rapid flood burial, where land plants and ferns were buried with sea creatures. This deposit stretches from Southern USA through Pennsylvania, across Nova Scotia, through England, then across Germany and into Western Russia. It shows up again in Western Australia – it was a mega flood! So much for those who mock claims about Noah’s Flood!