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Keep Praying for our Our Fossil Research and Fossil Collection worldwide as we expose the errors of evolutionists. Our personally collected fossils are very useful, particularly in the schools and colleges where it has proven a great plus in convincing students about creation, when we have such local knowledge. Visit Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark

SURPRISE BLESSING – Meet the bone pit (top left) and meet our new Jurassic Ark worker Daryl Brenton (top right). We built the bone pit last December to give students and visitors experience in how you actually find Dinosaur fossil bones. Digging with a big mattock or backhoe can smash as many bones as you may find, so a more gentle technique is needed. The simplest one is to use a strong prodder to detect bones under the ground, so we bought bamboo poles for the students to use, and buried the bleached bones in washed river sand. All have thoroughly enjoyed this exciting new activity, the excavation of real bones, whether they are 2 years old or 120. But what has shocked us are the results below.

(1) A student excavates the bones. We started with sun bleached cow, deer, pig and kangaroo bones. 

After a month however we noticed (2) that bones had started to absorb minerals and become darker and heavier. We weren’t expecting this. It seems the wet start to 2015 meant ground water had begun to come up from iron-rich sandstone below, and is moving upwards through the sand and onto / into the bones.

Next (3) bones after 6 months. An original (bleached white rib) is compared to a six month buried leg bone. Note the difference.

Our next surprise (4) a month later, when we excavated a jaw, not only was it dark, it was heavy.

Pig skull found again (2021) after two years of being buried is approaching jet black and shiny. Most Geologists would regard it as vary ancient. 

All of which goes to prove a simple point: fossilization is not a question of time – it is a question of process! Seemingly these bones are becoming per-mineralised – supposedly a long slow process. This is one reason many argue for an old earth, and reject the Bible’s 6 days as real history.

Click for more Fossil Research Reports FOSSIL RESEARCH REPORTS